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Kirk Cameron vs. Rotten Tomatoes


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An Atheist Christmas: Reason For The Season

Saving Christmas Trailer (warning: may cause suicidal depression)

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  1. @The Amazing Atheist, unless you except the Lord as your savior, you will end up in the lake of fire, " For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  2. You are the most stupid person in the earth .you can say a move is good or bad that is what you thank . You are so stupid . Watch the hole move he is not stupid . Watch fire proof . You are so stupidšŸ˜” your are a piss of šŸ’©

  3. The Kirkster is just jealous he isn't Mel Gibson. The Passion of the Christ was a smashing hit and turned way more Christians around than all of his shit flicks combined. When you want to convey a message through cinema you tell a story and let the audience make their own conclusions. You don't whine about it like your mom would whine about disrespecting grandpa's war story rants. Talentless hack comes to mind but we already know that

  4. I don't like Kirk Cameron but calling him names (piece of shit, fucking stupid, etc.) only shows you are not very smart. I bet you wouldn't like me to call you trailer park douche white trash just by the way you look. No need to call people names just because you don't like them. Show everyone you are better than him by debating with respect.

  5. Folks, without any exaggeration, if you haven't seen that movie, get some weed, booze or whatever your favorite stuff to get wasted is, look it up here on YouTube, invite your friends and WATCH IT!

    I couldn't get through it before passing out from the mix of booze and laughing fits. It has everything. Pointless narration, odd camera angles (that only get weirder the more you're wasted), a hilariously over-the-top racist stereotype, more car scenes than the average road movie and some of the most bizarre, insane explanations for some Christmas customs that you couldn't even come up with while high on PCP. And just when you're already completely drunk, right at the end, there's a musical number to put the cherry on the shit sundae.

    Seriously, that movie beats Kung Fury in the insanity department. And the fact that it didn't want to be completely insane only makes it better. It is up there with Battlefield Earth, no kidding.

    Watch it! But please, don't forget the booze, weed or whatever substance you enjoy to abuse. It's mandatory to survive it. And don't watch it alone, invite a friend whose creativity matches yours and don't be shy to explain the movie to each other.

    It is a riot!

  6. this movie sucks balls its like hay im Kirk Cameron like my movie even though I see Atheists and Christians concerned with commercialism at Christmas time as the same group of people.