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Kevin Metcalf of AntiFa ARRESTED In Hamilton


Kevin Metcalf is a professional Thug for hire or maybe he’s just the most extreme left-winger that the world has ever known. Have a look at this guy’s face and you tell me if you think he is normal.

Kevin Metcalf spent the evening on September 29th at Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario screaming at everybody including a married couple of 50 years who were in their 80’s.

I have always wondered what goes through the mind of a left Winger when they pull stunts like this. What is it that they think that they are fighting for? What is it that they think that they are achieving? What is it that they think that they can achieve when they keep getting arrested for assaulting people?

I suppose only Kevin Metcalf can answer questions about the craziness of Kevin Metcalf but here he is wearing handcuffs like he should be.

Kevin J. Johnston – FreedomReport.ca

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