Home Video Kevin J. Johnston Interviews Toronto Lawyer Hugh MacKenzie Lawyer Calls Kevin Fat

Kevin J. Johnston Interviews Toronto Lawyer Hugh MacKenzie Lawyer Calls Kevin Fat


Meet Hugh “HUGE” MacKenzie
PARTNER in MacLean Kerr Law Firm
Direct Dial: 416•369•6605
Fax: 416•366•8571
Email: hmackenzie@mcleankerr.com

This is the lawyer I get to meet again this year…coming soon!

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  1. He's about to implode!!! HAHAHAH GOD!
    Lion (Kevin) VS (Sheep)
    0:50 HAHHAHAHAH LMFAO! you STINK!! Anytime Im having a bad day, I just need to see Kevin WIN. And all my life problems ARE OVVVVVVERRR!!

  2. Huge looks like he's ready to explode from high blood pressure. It is rather funny seeing a lawyer oops liar getting taken to task.
    Watch out Kevin he may send you a bill for his time.
    The man is a joke, no wonder why we hate lawyers. They try to screw you over at every turn and rob you blind.
    To be a lawyer you have to leave every last bit of common decency you have and flush it down the toilet.
    I wouldn't let a lawyer like huge represent me, he was so easily intimidate when asked questions by Kevin, if he could have found a rock big enough he wouldn't have crawled under it.
    I wonder how he sleeps at night for charging his clients thousands of dollars for doing nothing for them.