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Kevin J. Johnston Gets Kicked Out of Conservative Party Event For Asking To Use The Washroom


Cory Hann at the PC Party Vote made a boo boo and did not have our Press Credentials ready for us, then denied FreedomReport.ca the right to interview left-wing traitor Michael Chong.

Security would not let us in ‘the back’ to interview PC Candidates and then kicked us out of the building whenI had to go pee pee.

At least we got security to speak about Football.

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  1. I spent years in law enforcement here in Canada and that was the worst example of security have ever seen.
    They were laughable these bozos should have been holding doors open for people coming in and out.
    There was no professionalism shown, security is there to defuse situation as they arise, that's what you call a Circus.
    Kevin good for you making them look like a bunch of fools.

  2. If they become as leftist as Liberal NDP bloc I won't be vote for then eh.. I am member and plan to as MP as independent even I am conservative I don't want turn Canada as lefty country thanks to then…

  3. So you didn't register, and you didn't get in.

    You mentioned you wanted to be respectful to security and say you do not want to be touched. They treated you very fairly. You took your sweet time to leave and started making a scene. You tried to re-enter the building then he puts a finger on you and you act like a diva.

    You have some great points and put on a good program. Shame that your ego is getting a little large.

  4. These piece of shit privileged, over paid, Canada hating assholes think they are above ALL regular everyday Canadians .. Canadians whose fathers and grandfathers fought in World Wars for this Country. Rude awakening coming you traitors. If your finely tuned engine is running a little low on oil, you don't top it up with beaver piss and expect it to keep running.

  5. As a PC supporter, I'm very VERY disappointed in the way they treated you.  This has really eroded (amongst other things they have done recently) my confidence and hence support of the party.

  6. Is there even a use for a Conservative party? I mean they should just make it official and join up with the Liberal party. Same ideology. Same brain dead lawyers and teachers at the leadership/MP levels.

  7. GO Kevin GO! You crack me up and it's disgusting that you weren't even allowed to use the washrooms! You should have just pee'd in front of them! Maybe they would have then escorted you directly into the men's room! A bunch of idiots! CBC calling you a racist? That woman needs to be chewed out and charged with libel and slander!!

  8. I used to be a member of the CPC but rescinded my membership when I didn't receive a ballot for the leadership vote after telli ng a female candidate I would never vote for her because I disagreed with one of the planks in her platform.