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Kevin J Johnston Gets Hate Mail From Left Wing Anti Freedom Youth Group Called “NO HATE”


Our sister company The Mississauga Gazette is under attack by Left-Wing high school students who are trying to convince our clients to stop advertising with us by calling us White Supremacist Terrorists.

Yup, below is the letter and this video is me reading it out for you. They call them selves STOP HATE, but all they are is a bunch of racist bigots doing what they should not be doing, and that’s interfering with the lives of people whom they don’t know.

It’s time for the education system to go back to teaching Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and to stop filling the heads of our children with the propaganda of blind hatred.

Here is the letter we received from these idiots:

Dear Kelly,

I am writing to you on behalf of Stop Hate Speech. We are a non-partisan network with a mandate to address speech that threatens or incites hatred against groups based on their race, colour, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits.  

Stop Hate Speech has learnt that your business is advertising on a news site that has a record of publishing inflammatory articles targeting Canadians of diverse backgrounds. The Mississauga Gazette, owned and operated by Kevin J. Johnston, published an article in October 2016, credited to Acton Michael,  with the headline, “Bonnie’s Muslims are Molesting Teenage Girls in Mississauga High Schools.” The content of the article included the threatening message: “Mississauga, if you want the truth you are going to have to take the law into your own hands.” This was investigated as a hate crime by the Police.  

This individual has also posted a number of slanderous videos on Youtube, targeting well-known and respected community members, accusing them of being violent and dangerous, simply because of their cultural and religious affiliations. Further, this individual has been documented on Twitter using offensive slurs against other groups, including Black Canadians and members of the LGBTQIA community. Please see attachments for more information.

I am sure you would agree that divisive rhetoric that targets a large segment of the population and aims to create wedges amongst groups by amplifying negative stereotypes has no place in Canadian society. When hate comes to surface, it is incumbent upon our institutions and businesses to stand firmly against it. These kinds of actions, regardless of whom they target, are particularly important to reject at a time when we see a sharp rise in violent hate incidents and white supremacist terrorism.

I trust that the racist sentiments expressed by the Mississauga Gazette and its owner are not shared by your business. As such, I urge you to withdraw your advertisement from the Mississauga Gazette and take all necessary steps to divest from a platform and individual that promote bigotry and hatred. By doing so, you are sending a strong message that intolerance and divisive speech is not acceptable in a society that is guided by constitutional protections of individual and collective rights and freedoms for all, regardless of background.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Curtis Jeremy Jackson

Kids these days….NO RESPECT!

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. I seriously question our teachers meddling and not teaching practices, I see them more as programmers not educators but what do I know. I am only a fifty year retiree with a (Canadian) grade 2 education. What I see coming off the assembly floor now with pigshit diplomas, all I can say is we're phucked….

  2. Kevin we are in a battle one that is going to be difficult to win. I found your site quite by accident, and when i found out you were a journalist i almost clicked off (not my most favorite people) but as with all rules there are exceptions and you are one of them.
    Why is it that we older people are the ones that can see the problems facing our society's. Europe in deep shit with the importation of these so called refugee's. Canada seems to be following as we in Australia are, the blind importation of Islam and then the Governments kowtowing to their demands.
    Again by accident the other night i came across a site that featured a Muslim gentleman that explained why the moderate Muslims are so silent when it comes to the violence being perpetrated by the radicals in Islam. To be honest he is as anti-radical Muslims and the way they are demanding our laws be changed as you are. No i can't remember his name but he is a fellow Canadian