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Kevin J Johnston Destroys The Gender Fluidity And Transgender Arguement


The gender argument is irritating at best. I am covering the group CANVAS who contacted me to advertise their sexually deviant lessons to grade 6 students about there somehow being more than 2 genders. They are sick people and here is my argument on gender bias and sex.

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  2. Children need to be PROTECTED Why are Liberals pushing this sex agenda in schools? Why are they threatening to take your child way from you if you try to stop this Liberal brainwashing? Why is the gay and transgender people and Liberals trying to bring children into their environment? SOUNDS LIKE PEDIOPHILLIA TO ME Liberals are pushing this on our children and parents need to wake up.

  3. When these people were in the closet it was nice . But somebody let one out and all hell broke loose , now its like them pushing it up your ass and I still don't know what the point is as we don't care . The only thing these people have done is paint a target on their back for the isis members that are now entering canada because of the fag with the pink socks . The day will come when these people are hiding from isis behind real men .

  4. This really needs to go vial here in Canada, kids will have enough confusion on their own. Grade 6, I knew nothing about sex until sex Ed class, to be honest it just scared me…I just wanted to be a kid as long as possible without any complications. Hollywood is full of transgendered male to female mostly, it's like a satanist ritual to them, when young girls/women see these abominations parading as women they tend to want to identify with them, many will have surgeries to try to look like them. This is also happening in the music industry . I'm so glad my kids are out of school, feel very sorry for anyone who has young children growing up in the school system in these troubled times.