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Kevin J. Johnston Comes Face To Face With A Domestic Terrorist – BLM


I finally met WALIED KHOGALI, the second in command of the Toronto Chapter of Black Lives Matter.

He has been calling me a bigot and racist for months.

I called him out in a few videos.

He never replied, nor mentioned me any longer on his social media sites.

I met him accidentally in Toronto, and he very rudely refused to shake my hand.

He then states that me asking him questions is criminal harassment and runs to a WHITE POLICE officer so that he no longer needs to speak with me!

Enjoy this newest edition of WALIED KHOGALI in a “Domestic Terrorist Production” called CHICKEN, CHICKEN, BUCK BUCK!

Kevin J. Johnston
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Black lives matter is a terrorist organization operating out of Toronto. Walied khogali is the second in command of black lives matter and he is a terrorist. His sister YUSRA KHOGALI wants to kill all white people and she does not even make that a secret. Black lives better wants to kill police officers.


  1. I've noted the same attitude in thieves and criminals that i unfortunately bump into in life, they also cry "The cops are all "-———–" until they get into trouble then the cops are their BESTEST FRIEND EVER!

  2. im pretty sure that walied guy sells his ass on church street in Toronto for but it may have just been his twin brother or sister or another BLM shill taking it up the ass for cash

  3. Come one, come all at the port credit legion on may 25th 7 pm, Kevin J will be speaking ,hope this tough guy from BLM shows up, it should be a entertaining evening. 🙂

  4. there will never be a black people's Revolution because Normal common sense using factual people see through all this race division bull crap and they like the way things are.

  5. I hate blm with all my heart ,there just the black version of kkk,and its ok if these blk pieces of racist shit talk about killing whites and police cause there blk,and how can blks be racist…..thats the biggest crock of shit blm is ultra racist and a terrorist organizations by definition ,eradicate all blm and there sick message

    Calling him a COWARD would be under statement!!
    How did you ended up finding him, KEVIN?! HAHAH you're the man.

  7. Get away from me omg im in danger….police police. Lol all blm are douchebags. Social media makes alot of cowards real tough guys until the day comes you cant hide behind a laptop. He is against the police ….and all they stand for. Fuck him.

  8. A bunch of retarded , high school dropouts with the I Q of a rat.
    " Black Life Matters" what a fucking joke. Only an inbreed can come up with such a fucking stupid name and Idea. Soros could not find any dumber than these idiots to push his anarchist idea around.

  9. Proof of everything that you say is true. The Black Lives Matter movement is a joke . And that he IS A COWARD. He ran away like a little girl. And to a WHITE police officer no doubt. Wow.