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Kevin J Johnston Calls The Traitors At The Peel District School Board Again


Freedom Report Uncensored: http://eachvideo.com/channel?id=UCIQ4V9pQ9xGtd7lhm3JzhNA

The Peel District School Board is continuing to show the entire world that they are a useless institution. When you are a coward, the only person you can ever serve is yourself and that is exactly what these people are doing.

There is nothing worse than it coward in a position of power and regrettably, The Peel District School Board are not just cowards, they’re also traitors.

I have decided to call these cowards again, this time on a Saturday to see if any of them would answer the phone. Why don’t you watch this video and see for yourself exactly what your tax dollars are getting you.

In 2018 you have to vote every single one of these treasonous individuals out of office. Think of the future of your children and everyone else’s children. If you vote these people back into the Peel District School Board head office, all of your kids will be Muslims in no time.

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  1. Gee I was thinking your phone wasn't working properly when you kept getting answering machines. However you actually got a live person but they hung up Hmmmm better get a new phone Ha Ha Ha

  2. Kevin, this is the sabbath, no one should be working, unless of course if you are not one of the chosen from Israel like say maybe a Moslem Saturday is just another no work day for you, 1 of 365 days a year when Moslems leach off society & try to end democracy & our free & just society.

  3. How can a tax paying member of the public possibly be banned from a public space? Canada! What's up??? Anyone with a soul can plainly see that Mr. Johnston is only attempting to KEEP THE STUDENTS OF PEEL COUNTY ONTARIO SAFE!!! Most people can see that. Make no mistake – world is watching. Greetings from Washington DC USA

  4. If only we had a video camera on each of these people's faces when they listen to your message.   Love it !    I wonder how many will return your call…. my guess …. zero.

  5. they can suck pig shit covered pig balls, none of my children attend their double talking, back stabbing BS schools. I suggest EVERYONE remove their children and GET a fucking clue as to what islam is. Instead of using their devices to gossip and watch cat videos, look up the truth. Fuckin dim wits

  6. Your thoughts on the religious Accomodation Guideline in Ontario that is likely being used to back up religion being allowed to be Practiced in houses of Prayer Or are they public schools? some people seem confused about the difference between a house of Prayer and a School for the Advancement of the mind.Canadians need to figure out what we stand for en masse or any kind of real public education can apparently be kissed goodbye.