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  1. Are women not known to be deceitful, liars, amorality, tricksters, manipulators? Does the devil not share those same adjectives? Are men not known to value logic, truth, morality as does God?

    From God (man) fell Satan (woman).

  2. It's a humbling experience, finding a video over things you think you have discovered by yourself, years before you build it a clear concept of thought.

    And then the struggle begins over how much you can give credence to your own mind over it and where would have I been if I would have had this just given before.

    Fast forwarding to 2017 videos and the lecture over "people seeing things they can focus" (paraphrasing), this could be a matter of "when pupil is ready the master comes forth" (as in analog over, only when you have the "need", you can see it).

    Playing around with that idea more: World is as an interesting place as you can keep a handle over.

  3. Mental gymnastics to prove Adam and Eve is a story that makes sense. Firstly why would God create the snake and make it manipulate Eve? How could Eve possibly resist if she didn't know good from evil? Why would God (if he isn't a sadistic maniac) place the forbidden fruit so close knowing exactly how Adam and Eve work (he created every cell of their bodies) and knowing full-well that they cannot know good from evil (yet forcing them to make a moral choice). This story and 90% of the Bible is a hoax full of logical fallacies and plain stupidity. Jordan Peterson is a wise man but he wants to believe in eternity so much he decided to take the religious bullshit at face value, trying to interpret it like it's poetry.

  4. How do you justify believing in a "great" Philosopher like Martin Heidegger who joined the Nazi party to become the Rector and justifying his claim (Husserl) his old mentors Ideas wouldn't be reached due to his Judaism? This man was great at deception. One of the actual Monsters.

  5. I have never heard this before – that there is a medieval Christian and Judaic understanding that the 1st male was hermaphroditic  (until Eve) – but this actually makes complete sense.  Because as we know with sanctity – it is very androgynous – it is neither male or female.  Christ and ALL the saints have the same qualities – there is no distinction between this is for males and this is for females.  That the male in general must over come a different set of faults than the female to become a saint.  To the male strength and fortitude come easily and with the female piety and humility come easy. – the Saint is the perfect balance of both.  No man can compare to the strength and fortitude of the likes of St. Bernadette and no woman can compare to the piety and humility of St. Augustine.

  6. his talks never cease to amaze me in their leaping presumptions, incomplete logic, self-admiration etc. How do so many people find him to be something other than boring as fuck?

  7. Skirts post structualism doesnt it. Post modernism is neo folk classical ontic episto phenomenology, I suppose.

    But ill never see how you ended up in the clutches of the Abrahamic meta types. Every bit of time saved that way, has time that will have to be spent on unpacked shadow baggage.

    Good for marketing tho. And there is nothing wrong with that, is that right? I think so.

  8. I really love seeing the old stuff. I've been really trying to understand Genesis for years and have read it many times and listen to many interpretations and yours is the best.