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John Alabi Interview About Human Rights Tribunal’s $12000 Sharia Fine


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You heard it right, the Human Rights Tribual of Ontario muscled an innocent man because two Muslim criminals lied to them.

Jo-Anne Pickel, a lawyer who is crooked as they come and she commited the crime of fraud and extortion by demanding that a Canadian man from Nigeria who is Christian part with $12,000 of his hard-earned money just because she felt like flexing her cottage-cheese laden bicep, or more accurately, arm flap.

Well, Pickel, I have been hired to assist my new friend John Alabi in the battle against you and the other criminal vermin skulking around your offices.

I am looking so forward to our meeting in person.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator

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  1. My boss had this in winnipeg. The house had to meet specs and is in one of the best neighborhoods. When everything was up to standards. they said could you eat the water bill as well. My boss told them to foff

  2. He should had told those tenants that at 24 hours he will show the apartment with police escort. he should had reported to the police and took other legal measures beforehand.

  3. When I lived in Toronto I had 2 muslim friends. One from Somalia and the other from Afghanistan. They come across so sweet and nice. They're not.
    They don't have empathy. They always play the victim when you confront them. First hand experience.

  4. refuse to pay it…what are they gonna do, charge you? Let them… get it in front of a real judge, get it thrown out and then turn around and sue them Muslim cocksuckers

  5. Dear sir, I am so appalled by what has happened to you in CANADA.
    I cannot believe what this country is turning into.
    May God bless you sir and bless you greatly.

  6. Did I hear right? His son died and they wouldn't let him have time!!! Animals… surly that impedes on John's "HUMAN RIGHTS" The tribunal should be prosecuting themselves! Insanity! Lets call them what they are, nothing but a tentacle of the corrupt UN.

  7. You dont wanna mess with Kevin! Im glad John hired Kevin for this, Im looking forward to all the proceedings and all the updates of this case. Everyone will now know who this Ms Pickle really is.