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Janet McDougald Breaks The Law In Writing – I Have Her Letter


Janet McDougald of the Peel Regional School Board has no problem bringing in Syrian Refugees who molest your daughters for cash, but has all the problems in the world with their ZERO marks counting towards the School Board’s average.

That’s right, we have 500+ Syrian rapists in our schools and they are both stupid and useless.


+ Pee on the floors in Classrooms
+ Ignore Teachers
+ Slap Teachers
+ Feel Up Young Girls
+ Assault Younger Boys
+ Disturb EVERYONE

And….reduce the entire region’s scholastic average…..guaranteeing that Janet and her band of Traitors DO NOT GET ELECTED next year.

Here is the letter she wrote to TWO people demanding THEY BREAK THE LAW to protect her part-time job.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. Yes Kevin we here in Australia are keeping a close watch on what is happening in Canada and hopefully learning by the mistakes you guys are having to fight against.
    Keep up your attack on the arseholes that have put you in this position, we are watching with interest, and hope you succeed. Unfortunately apathy by our general populous could be our undoing.

  2. No, no, no…  Not a cat to run against Janet McDougald,  but a Pig.  Yes we should elect a Pig over Janet next election if that's what it comes down too.

  3. Dear Kevin,

    First love your fight and energy thus the reason I'm very pleased to follow you and join you.

    please don't make this difficult with some unnecessary attacking comments that will deter yourcause and create additional distractions with some of your opinions on the individuals that we disagree with.

    again I think you're doing a great cause and respect your intentions and Main objective but believe much more can be achieved and a stronger following will come from sticking with more facts and less harsh opinion.


  4. you are turning into as bad as islam by talking about throwing people in volcanos, I realize you are passionate about all this but don't loose your head. It is a good fight but keep focused.

  5. Janet McDougald reminds me a great deal of the female principal in the movie "Pump Up the Volume". I never thought such a character could exist in real life, let alone in Canada.

  6. Janet McHitler and the IslamaNazi SJW party got to go. NO religious practices in PUBLIC schools! If people want to do their religion during school hours then they should be responsible for homeschooling their children themselves out of their own pockets, not in Canadian public schools.

  7. Well, seeing as Islamic Muslims are NOT a race, the racist label does NOT apply. You'd think people in the position of Office would know that . Sad to see that THEY need to be educated on what qualifies as Race . Also ISLAM is NOT A RELIGION. It is a poisonous IDEOLOGY based on the murderous teachings of a deluded imbecile.

  8. don't forget to mention that if these refugees don't speak a word of English, that means they require more of the Educators or teachers attention and time which the detracts from all the other students in the class. I think that in itself will draw down the scores in in peel!

  9. Normally I have been support of you in your videos. Now, my only thought to this video is… HOW IN THE "HELL" DARE YOU put up a BLACK WOMAN'S IMAGE, AND CALL HER… "MAN HATING."

    Clearly you defined her as being "man hating" based on these "sick" portrayals of effeminized "black men's videos.

    Your quarrel with her is with "one black woman," yet, you drag "all" black women into your feud by establishing black men's "rant" of black women "hating black men." And, if we do, you and the world "know" it is not without cause.

    You have presented yourself as both "SEXIST and RACIST." I can not imagine your having any care or concern to how black women feel about black men. However, you would "stoop so low" to perpetuate "your" case that you would draw in the flea infested to validate a point.

    Well sir, you have proved a point and I hope "all" minorities, INCLUDING IMMIGRANTS see you for what you are, and vote accordingly at the poles. NEVER, underestimate the "power" of women.

  10. i think she's trying to empress a muslim dude living next door to her and at some point he will say "eww gross leave" and when that happen she will be anti muslim she'll say "these muslims are raping our kids and women and i didn't get to be one of those women so fuck y'all muslims".