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Jack Posobiec: JK Rowling Attacks Journalists After Manchester Bombing


Jack Posobiec, DC Bureau Chief for TheRebel.media, reports on JK Rowling’s response to the terrorist bombing in Manchester. Rather than condemning those who conducted the attack, she attacked journalists for reporting on the crisis. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/jk_rowling_attacks_journalists_for_reporting_on_manchester_bombing

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  1. She is a stupid bitch, i can assure you the real torn apart bodies of the victims who were close to the muslim who blew up look much worse then everything we have seen in the media.

  2. I'm scared man. Liberalism is spreading like wildfire, and is as hardy as ever. I don't know if conservatism will beat the giant that is the radical alt-left. But I am not gonna stop fighting, even in the face of impossibility! We can still save America, and the other countries!

  3. Sorry for generalising, but celebrities should be fucking banned from commenting on such issues because they don't even live in the same reality as the people affected by the attacks. And they actually do damage by swaying the opinions of mindless drones that constitute a great portion of the society.

  4. You've missed the point.
    She's not saying they shouldn't report on what happened, she's giving (or reposting) quite moderate comment on how journalists badger the victims. Let me repeat the point: it's HOW THE JOURNALISTS ARE TREATING THE VICTIMS that she is suggesting is not appropriate. Jesus, pay attention you well-credentialed DC bureau chief.

  5. Oh who cares what this bloody woman thinks? She writes children's books that are massively overrated. Alice in Wonderland and Huck Finn is great children's literature. Harry Potter is derivative juvenilia with no artistic merit. It's popularity is a mystery and it's gone to her head. She doesn't represent me or any other British person.

  6. It's so funny how many people on here are saying how much they hate Harry Potter. Let's take a step back and breath; because you're all thinking too much like Liberals. Yes, I disagree with her too. I think her logic is very flawed. But she's still a phenomenal writer. Harry Potter will always be a classic. If you hate Harry Potter because of an unrelated opinion held by the author, than should understand that most of Hollywood agrees with her. That's a massive collection of movies that you suddenly hate.

  7. Maybe she lives in a fantasy world but the rest of us don't. She needs to consider her role in writing her fiction which was very violent for children to read/watch.
    She is a radical, islamic terrorist. How can the media make the atrocity that just happened any worse? How can it be any worse than what it is?

  8. She made her millions on kids reading her books, but when they're in real danger from terrorism she wants the media to downplay it to take the heat off the Extremists responsible. What kind of a sick mind would defend religious fanatics over the senseless murdering of children? SHAME on J.K. Rowling

  9. How dare you JK call me a nazi I'm just an everyday person who is horrified by the deaths of women and children and husbands fathers you JK disgust me not once have you tweeted how despicable these terror murders are and it's not just people like me you are calling nazi it's everyone who condones these attacks