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Islamic Crucifixions Are Coming To Canada If You Don’t Smarten Up and Crush M103


This video IS DISTURBING – DO NOT WATCH IT if you have a weak stomach.

Crucifixions in Islamic countries are common place. They kill Christians in the streets without cause and laugh while they do it.

Do you want this in Canada? I know I DON’T!


Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. This is ISLAM….and people wonder why people from these cultures can so easily cut off someones head! Can you imagine growing up and seeing this in your town square?

  2. DISGUSTING………Beside calling our deputy or minister, who don't give a fuck anyways, what's left to do Kevin  ?   I feelso  powerless and it makes me sick in my stomac.   What can we really do  ?  How can we push for a non-confident vote, do you know  ?   People are so asleep and even help this shit to come in Canada !   They don't get that islam is evil.

  3. is this nothing yet. Muslims Had a mission here.is to convert the unbelievers to Islam….have you seen human right in Saudi Arabia or Iran ? did you see videos on YouTube executeing people just for criticize Muhammad and Quran ? have you ask yourself,why women has niqab .while we give them all the freedom and respect.?have you ask yourself what is with the man with Beard and no mustache? what they represent? what is their ideology and believe ? well let me tell ya guys.those people are extremest and believe everyone else is filthy…I mean it.go ahead and shake her hand and say her reaction!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kevin, what are the possibilities that someone is paying him or someone has serious dirt on him. or maybe that he and his family are being threatened. just so hard to believe that it would be anything else.

  5. Shit! I was just about to eat a chocolate fiber bar. I can't eat it now. I know it's a minor point and I was warned.That was stomach turning ,maybe it could be used in a weight loss advertisement . Great job Kevin yet again of pumping the information out .These people are barbaric and the message needs to be sent to the masses. We do NOT want to return to medieval times . Our freedom is at stake .

  6. Canadians need to wake up I am constantly tweeting and gabbing on all articles I find on the radical Islam ideology and how it is coming to Canada I am also fighting M 103 Kevin if you read these comments let us know how you need help I am out west

  7. I think Canada is lost. regardless of the 2019 election. Trudeau is exponentially destroying Canada daily. M103 will pass. then everyone will have to decide. i would rather lock and load and zip bacon dipped .556 into Sharia enforcers before going to jail…but that's just me

  8. Islamic Crucifixions are coming to Canada. Let's hope so in order that the soft, naïve people of that country realize what Islam is all about and DO something before they are suffocated.  "And the meek shall inherit the earth." ……. no more truer words were ever spoken. That is what those who offer no resistance, "The Meek" will inherit….6 feet of earth over their heads.

  9. SOUND FAMILIAR compare the following with Motion M103:
    A decree from Constantine Augustus and Licinius Agustus in the year 314CE:

    "we have given Christians free and unrestricted opportunity of religious worship. When you know that this has been granted to them by us, you will know that we have also conceded to other religions the right of open and free observances of their worship for the sake of peace of our times."
    The only people the edict mentioned by name were the Christians, and the laws that came afterward radically  limited the rights of Jews as citizens of the Roman Empire.

    In 315CE Constantine issued the following edict regarding Jews:
    "if any one of the population should join their abominable sect and attend thier meetings, he will bear with them the deserved penalties."
    This law had two purposes.  One was to prevent Jews from interfering with relatives or friends who converted to Christianity. The other was to discourage Christians from converting to Judaism.
    ~ from "A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism" by Phyllis Goldstein ~

  10. This is odd:
    From "A Convenient Hatred: History of Antisemitism" …Constantinople in 532CE emperor Justinian (I kid you not) sent in troups to masacre…Procopious, a historian of the time, wrote "Justinian did not see (the massacre) as murder if the victims did not share his own beliefs." IS THIS HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF OR WHAT – M103 et al