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Is “Retarded” Offensive? A History Lesson from Owen Benjamin | Louder With Crowder


Is the word “retarded” actually offensive? Comedian Owen Benjamin graces us with a history lesson on language and culture. Catch him LIVE at http://www.HugePianist.com

Taken from episode #147 of #DailyCrowder at CRTV

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  1. I wanted to add another word to the list…


    Admittedly, I wasn't aware of the word "niggerly" until this video. It was a bit too old and obscure for me lol, but "gay", though of old origin, was a commonly used descriptive word meaning "lighthearted or cheerful" up until the mid 1900s.

    As a lover of classic novels, I've noticed that many well-known pieces of classic English and American literature preferred the word "gay" or "gaiety" over any of its synonyms. So, while "gay" as in "cheerful" might be old, it's certainly not obscure.

    But it was hijacked in the 1950s and went from meaning "cheerful" to somehow meaning "ass pirating" and/or "carpet munching".

    Then, after being hijacked by homosexuals, "gay" developed a third definition of "dumb, stupid, or unfortunate".

    It only stands to reason that if anyone had a right to be offended over the misuse of the word "gay", it would be every cheerful individual who lived at any point during the 13th century through the 19th century.

    But who was actually offended? Oh you know… the homosexuals of the late 90s/2000s and Hillary Duff. They couldn't handle it when their stolen word was stolen by another. Pathetic…

    All that to say, I think "gay" is probably the winner when it comes to words that the liberals hijacked and then ruled any "misuse" as being highly offensive.

    I mean seriously…

    How gay is that shit?!

  2. The majority of you monkeys (anthropoid simians) seem retarded to me.  Mentally deficient.  It is like watching chimps at the zoo to me.  7 billion of you.  You seem rather low on the scale though…

  3. lol my response to anyone who calls me racist is, there are plenty of women from other races I would absolutely bang, so call me sexist if you believe the natural biological urge to want to mate with who you consider to be an attractive woman so as to continue the species to be unnatural and so "sexist", but the desire to pass on your genes with someone of a different race is the most non racist you can be. Best part is I have said this to a few SJWs who have said they don't find black or Asian men sexually attractive, which is fine, but at a physical level that makes them more selective when it comes to choosing a mate and so by their own definition, more racist, whereas I have far less personal restrictions on that front  😛

  4. My 5 year old son is special needs. He is very very delayed developmentally, non verbal and physically disabled. There is a difference if someone says he is mentally retarded or has mental retardation and someone who says " he is a retard" – for me anyway! I might not like that word same as I don't like word handicap( don't know why?) but just because I don't isn't changing that the word is actual term to describe someone with low IQ? Like someone here said- it's only offensive if you decide to be offended! Gosh, it's just words and yes they can hurt someone feelings which isn't nice but that's how far it goes- NOT NICE- end of story. Ringing police cos you get offended by words or stopping someone from saying those words is absolutely bizarre!!

  5. 1) I have use niggardly in conversation because it was the right word at the time and the only one I could think of. I thought my friend's head would explode.
    2) I have a daughter who is autistic and has major learning disabilities and brain damage from premature birth. Mentally retarded is the most accurate way to discribe her cognitive abilities. You should not shy away from using that description in every day conversation.
    3) using the word "retarded" to describe something you think is backwards or silly or stupid I actually do find offensive… since what you are doing is using the mainstream definition of that word – which is a shortened description of mentally retarded people – and demeaning whatever it is you are talking about…. which is, in fact, inferring that mentally retarded people are less than the sum. I've tried not to, but I do, and I think that really comes from knowing most mentally retarded people cannot defend themselves. Whereas I am offended by a much lesser degree by the term gay when it means silly, stupid or offkilter instead of happy because gay people can defend themselves.
    4) you should never be afraid to use any word properly… or in a comedy show.
    5) keep up the good fight, Crowder.

  6. People really need to stop taking offence; just stop completely; as it is so often the case that offence is not being given where it is taken.

    A perfect example is retarded. It is very often said without meaning it in a derogatory manner. It is very often used in a purely medical context to objectively and accurately describe someone with mental retardation. But then some PC SJW perpetually offended loser comes along and talks about the exact same person, but he uses a different term. Yet in both cases, despite meaning precisely the same thing and in the same way, (though using different terms), both people refer to the same person with the same precise intent. Yet the PC SJW perpetually offended loser gets offended about the other person's speech. His free and not intentionally offensive speech.

    The offence is almost exclusively in the taker. In other words, If you feel offence constantly and you whine and complain and cry and whinge, then you should shut your face and you should be shunned.

  7. I'm the mother of a special need's child. And no, it's is NOT offensive. Geez. I don't want to antagonize people so I don't use it around other special needs families. Obviously, I would be upset if you called my child a 'retard' because it is then meant as an insult. But saying "mentally retarded" or calling a bad idea/policy/whatever is 'retarded'…..I do it ALL the time. Not going to stop either. My aunt is officially "low IQ" and I've always stood up for her and told my friends to stop being cruel to those with intellectual disabilities. Who cares what word I use when it's how I treat others that matters? I grew up with a handicapped loved one and have my own child with delays (hitting all the 'trigger' words in one post, ha ha) and I still don't know what the correct word is. No one agrees. In the autism community there is even some frothing at "high functioning" vs "low functioning". Treat my son like a real person with kindness and we're good. Also, don't set the standard of behaviour so low. He can be a brat. He needs to learn his manners just like anyone else.

  8. I've been watching your videos for a solid 12 hours and I've seen… maybe two adds. I wish I could support you in some other way but I'm a highschool student with literally no money

  9. This video makes no sense. Sure in the literal sense a word has a definition, but words are constantly getting redefined and more importantly colloqusalised into new meanings. This should not be a pedantic pissing contest based on definitions which people so often get caught up over, but a detailed look into minorities and disabled people and their perceptions of what they find offensive. If a group of people get repeatedly called a word with a negative connotation to put them down it IS an offensive word and should be treated so, no matter the original definition.