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Iqra Khalid and The Liberal Party Attack My You Tube Channel With Fake Dislikes


Short and sweet: Iqra Khalid should focus on serving Canadians and not attacking my You Tube Channel with fake dislikes.

Man, it’s a no wonder the whole country hates this idiot.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. She is a terrorist Actually I do not trust any muslim if they follow the koran because the koran says to kill all non muslims (I haven't read it but I have been told this by a lot of people who have read it)

  2. You should be doing her job Kevin, since Iqra Khalid doesn't want to do the job that she was assigned to do. And for her to stop wasting the Canadian taxpayers money by screeching on about whatever you're posing on the YouTube and to concentrate more on her duties by earning her f-ing wages.

  3. Mr Johnson, I am a fan and appreciate all that you are doing.
    What Canadian's need is a MP Watchdog, that ensures that those voted in are doing the work they were hired to do.
    Enough of this Khalid arrogant piece of rubbish, who in her heart believes that she has attained a superior status over the rest of us and as such, we work for her.
    We simply get rid of her.
    Any Law she may ever get in, we will simply remove it next election when YOU run for MP of the area and Canada gets a PERSON who believes in Canada not George Soros and Globalism.

  4. Iqra Khalid you want schools that segregate girls , Muslim only apartment buildings, mosques that teaches children how to behead people and of course we know how you feel about Jews and Christians….but some cananadians are starting to wake up, so it won't be that easy for you…..

  5. Khalid is a another Liberal Parasite, working to undermine the Constitution. What a piece of work, a complete Moron. What a waste of time and taxpayers money. Almost every news channel you look at, it's all about Moslems and the mentally challenged Islamic Dogmatists causing trouble all over the world. How much more of this bullshit do we have to listen to? Ban Mosques and properly investigate Radical Clerics. Anything less is Cultural suicide. These Marxist fucks have had their day, time for Conservatives to steer the ship away from the Islamic Iceberg.

  6. Iqra Khalid did not get into politics to serve the Canadian public she got into it to serve herself and other muslims that want to change Canadian laws so muslims will be able to bring in Sharia law just like all muslims want in this country