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Google Fires Man For Telling The Truth!


James Damore was fired from Google for telling some uncomfortable truths.

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  1. "Female employees wouldn't show up, just because he was still employed."

    Well these women are absolutely showing that women aren't more neurotic than men, aren't they?

  2. I cant say I am surprised but I was very disappointed that higher ups at google, one of most important information companies of today were not able to see how ironic it is to fire a guy that said he is afraid to say what he thinks out of fear of being fired.
    I didnt know that SJWs infected higher ups, I hoped this women studies majors and sensitivity training attendees only manged to infect few moderators and journalists positions. But seems this carcinoma spread further than I expected.
    Oh well nothing we can do but wait for SJW ship to sink. In culture its quite obvious they are going down fast. Corporations usually need a year or two to figure out the trends.

    If anything positive came from this its that I changed my default search engine from google to duckduckgo in firefox.

  3. Fuck google! I avoid using it these days. And we will leave youtube too if this bullshit censorship continues. Are we in the west of in a communist dictatorship. Shame on you google. We will never give up and never shut up!

  4. Julian Assange hired the fired Google tech. This guy is now set for life. What he said happened for a solid reason even if we could not antisipate the outcome. I don't agree with everyone's point, but I don't care to argue. Just here to provide an update. Best wishes. Tj, right again except that Google baits it's workers and they spit out those they can't control.

  5. I agree, fuck the human race. I hope the God Emperor Trump starts a full-scale nuclear war that vaporizes every living thing on this planet, and any survivors contract radiation poisoning and suffer the demise they deserve. Because at this point, the human race does not deserve to die with dignity.

    Also, I'd love to see an "idiots react" video about people's reactions to this.

  6. Saw this on the news today. They called the interoffice memo his "manifesto" like he was Karl Marx or the Unabomber. Disseminating his doctrine of hate throughout the office. I don't see how this is any different than if the employees refused to work so long as there was an atheist or Hillary supporter working there. It's a mob discriminating against someone for their beliefs.

  7. From my experience women can write code as well as and in some cases better than allot of men. Pretending that sexism isn't a factor in any of this is as idiotic as leaving out any other factor. From my experience, in school even, allot of women quit because guys in tech can be rude, sexist, inappropriate and social awkwardness doesn't allot them to be self aware of their own behaviour.

  8. Bing is where its at. You would be surprised the amount of content regarding islam and other controversies is so much more readily available on Bing versus Google. It's worth the switch.

  9. I just can't take channels like Sargon of Akkad and The Rubin Report seriously, when they make a bigger deal over this than they do about Trump and conservatives in his administration making scientists use words that THEY only allow.
    I'd say one is clearly more of a big deal than the other, or just cover bough. But no, they only cover shit when the so called "Left" does BS like this.
    And Google is a private company, they have rules, and if they think he should be fired, well isn't that what conservatives can't stfu about, the FREE market.
    Fucking hypocrites.

  10. So can we then advocate for someone to be fired if they react negatively on someone's opinion? I can totally feel unsafe if someone says they might attack someone at work. So … firing all around?

  11. Honestly, i have learned to shut my mouth about politics and social issues the hard way a long time ago, just accept it guys, it's over for us, if you are a white heterosexual male you are fucked, we are the new 2nd class citizens and we better get used to it… If you speak up, and state your opinion, chances are big you get fired from your job, your social status diminished, your life basicly destroyed… I just accept the way things are today, if someone is a genderneutral transgender transracial attack helicopter that wants to import millions of radical muslims, fine, whatever, i dont care anymore. The Western world has become a dangerous place for people with free opinions…