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You have to believe in something?

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  1. once i saw on tv a woman talking about quantum physics and she said something like this: at a subatomic level this glass (or schrodinger's cat) can be here, there in Honolulu and not be all at once. how do you deal with it? well, you get used to. i like the statement. you get used to reality, you get used to lots of things… and of course everybody has to believe in something always. not necessarily in god, sometimes there are more important things to believe in like peace, justice, all that crap or at least that you will survive another day without killing somebody (oops, sometimes i get frustrated but i don't go killing people or cats, has vehalila)

  2. He is a super good speaker, please do not bet on your own soul. There are so many unknown about the origin of life. Please do not bet with own soul. Soul will be living in NO time control dimension which is eternal. No one understand what is time at all. Time and space are created. God in the bible has too much unknown, but please do not choice to hell.

  3. I was brought up and the catholic faith and even when I was young I questioned it. As I got older i came to conclude that it was total nonsense and with it All religion. It's my personal choice and I don't seek to impose my view on others. But I am always amused to find how defensive those who believe become when I tell them I'm an Atheist.

  4. You say people who believe in God don't have an open mind, so anyone who doesn't believe in what you believe is close minded? People can search and come to the conclusion that God's existence makes the most sense, is that still close minded? You say indoctrinating children with religion is immoral, is indoctrinating children with earthly values immoral as well? Are you suggesting children be raised without any moral guidance at all from their parents? How can you not mind not knowing where everything comes from when not knowing could have eternal consequences? I believe in God, but I know I may be wrong. You say you wouldn't rule anything out, even when it comes to irrational science, but you rule out a God, that's close minded. People have made huge intellectual investments into understanding the creation of our world and found it makes more sense to believe in God. You say anyone's guess is as good as yours except those who insist they know the truth, what about those you believe in God but don't insist they know he exists? Would you disregard their belief? You advocate open mindedness yet you appear to be incredibly close minded by disregarding God as the answer without any sort of rational argument against his existence, you simply call belief in him a fairy tale and childish. Perhaps you are more ignorant than people who believe in God.

  5. Love his flow, impromptu, intellect, attitude, honesty, passion….and most of all, his fancy, direct, and educating adjectives. They are spot on!You light up my world, Mr. Condell.  You are, in deed,  a memorable chapter in my life.  Keep speaking for the rational minds.

  6. you are a rarity in this world,,,,,,everything you say makes my existence some what more rational,,,,,so many thanx to you my human friend,,,because am an alien,,,hehe of course am not,,,,but I wish I would be,,,,,because I dont really like this place that I am in,,,,,,,,,,but your existence makes me feel not so alone in here ,,,so thanks

  7. Im not christian or religious but I think reality is to crazy for their not to be some sort of creator. How could randomness allow people to exist that create things, discover things, allow it to be possible for technology to exist. Scientists have even admited that it would be impossible for them to recreate life from non living matter. It is just to crazy that all of the universe and people exist out of pure randomness. Physical laws exist. The rules and laws of videogames had a creator, the justice system laws had a creator, why would the laws of the universe not have a creator too?

  8. hi pat. i was searching for snake videos and you came up.
    That's just too weird.
    I have a theory that we all wind up in heaven. Even a shit like you. It makes me glad and sad at the same time.
    You can't figure 1 universe out, so you invent a trillion universes to explain the one you are in. What a dope,

  9. Love your vids – side note: you might take a crack at joining the Triple Nine Society – you certainly sound like you've reached the 99.9th percentile in intelligence.

  10. I mostly agree with Pat. I love seeing his vids. I am actually a bit religious in a sense but I guess when I examine my beliefs I tend to ask the question what set the laws of physics. I am not of course implying an old man with a white beard up in the clouds, I am a believer though in some greater force at work in our universe or multiverse or whatever it is. But he htis on a wonderful point here. I have alway wondered why the question was always presented to me this way. "If god(biblical god) does not exist then why does that grass grow and the trees go into bud" I never saw why the to my mind probable existence of a higher power at work means I must believe in a version of that power that even their own bible does not quite actually support. I was born and raised catholic. In later years I read the bible a lot. Wonderful book that one can view from many different levels. I do not see the bible in the way most people do. It always seemed to me like our creator gave a book in order to get humanity through it's childhood years. We are ready to move on from that book now but people seem to want to keep it so we don't have to become adults. You know how some 11 or 12 year olds still will secretly play with their little kid toys yet for awhile before they finally surrender them to the charity bin? This is sort of what I mean.

  11. I see this was uploaded in 2010. It's almost as if I can say that Pat's videos of a few years ago has certainly made a difference to our world today. Many poleticians wish they could achieve the same status…

  12. +Pat Condell
    I've been watching your stuff for years, and I was just flipping through some of your past publications…
    Interesting was this!!! I can't ever remember seeing you hesitate and smile!!! I LOLed when it happened here!!!

  13. WoW! Nice one Pat! This reminds me of my husband… he has NO RELIGION but he is soooo kind & he would NEVER hurt anyone that he'd just respect all sorts of religion as a RESPECT which I'd say is his VIRTUE… He believes that HEAVEN is in the HEART of KIND PEOPLE so you need NOT WAIT for your death but can ENJOY HEAVEN if you just be kind! Heaven is KINDNESS & vice versa 🙂 peace 🙂