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Gavin McInnes Is A Jerk!! | Louder With Crowder


Gavin McInnes stops the show by to talk Canadian Healthcare, Christmas traditions, and to show off his tight whities. Yes, really.

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  1. As someone who is a center-left democratic socialist i always love seeing these videos that present a clear counterpoint so that i never lose myself and become part of the problem in America that is polarized thought and constant affirmation of your veiw by surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals. So thanks Gavin for showing me clear counterpoints that allow me to contiue seeing the complexity of issues.

  2. The reason pirates wore earrings made of silver or gold is because they were worth enough to pay for a pirates funeral if his body washed ashore. Some seamen even engraved the name of their home port on the inside of the earring so that their bodies could be sent to their families for a proper burial. If a man died on a ship, the earrings helped to cover the cost of transporting his body home so that he wouldn't be buried at sea or on foreign soil.

  3. nudity is for private. It has nothing 2 do with puritan ideas. Nudity causes sexual thoughts. There is no Damn reason to prance around nude except lazy attempts at attention because you body is all you've got. Of coarse a bunch of big floppy tits hanging out is a mans dream. However you salivating might get you popped by your women. nobody wants to see big tits hanging out anywhere and everywhere. I sure as Hell don't want to watch no mans balls swaying around. There is something to be said for the imagination. No I've not heard that I'm ugly so it's not jealously. I don't want my sons or any kids watching a bunch of freaks prancing around naked. I thought my sons about sex at their first sign of interest in the opposite​ sex. They have never giggled over words like boob or vagina. They do what guys do and I've never made a big deal. In other words lotion was purchased way to much at a point. There though is a difference between no fear of sex and out right unneeded perversion.

  4. I'm a paramedic working in Las Vegas… call an ambulance for real emergencies and I won't roll my eyes at you. I can't tell you how many times I get called to peoples houses for BS. Healthcare companies aren't paying for stupid shit. They don't care about a broken arm or the sniffles. They won't pay for it so you will foot the bill

  5. You've a lot to learn about "modern mediicine" and cancer treatment. It can't cure cancer, or any of these diseases because it's far more profitable not to.
    Alternative medicine has a far greater success rate, and I'm not talking about "creams", Gavin, you twat!

  6. You don't have to be a Christian, but if you want to participate in our western society, you must embrace Christian values. Islam rejects these values and follow a prophet who raped a 6 year old and advocates for beating women with short sticks.

  7. Do not overestimate your abilities to lear a foreign language past your teenage years. You will never lose your accent and you'll always be making silly grammar mistakes. Anglophones and Francophones are just so arrogant there is no limit!

  8. i'm japanese, and it is true, the leading way of suicide in this country is jumping from a building because guns are outlawed here. but if your edgy, you could try and kill enough people for death penalty, but that's rare. PS: i'm half american so i'm bilingual, which is why i known how to use commas (ikr, no one does that nowadays) and urban words such as "edgy"

  9. In my opinion people sometimes over use modern medicines. Herbs and foods or plants can boost the immune system to help fight a sickness. However you are not going to use a tea or cream from Asia to cure cancer. Same for other dangerous diseases. I should note that I am against mandated vaccines, in modern medicine they are often praised. My dear state California even got rid of the exemptions in schools. As for the reason, they come with risk. Even though the risk is said to be small, I prefer to have an option to deny them.

  10. about the whole foriegners thing i habe to agree. i work at a bar owned by chinese people and i swear theyve all been living here 20 plus year but NONE of them can pronounce any words correctly. when my chinese servers ask me for a kind of drink to take to their table it almost allways devolves to poining and gestures. it could not possibly be more infuriating.