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Feminists: “Teach Babies Not To Rape!”


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  1. if we are gonna teach one group to not do something that only a minority of them will do, we should probably teach muslims not to commit acts of terror while we are at it

  2. what pisses me off is not the knowledge that there are stupid people. i know there are. its the fact that they're gaining popularity, and traction. if we dont start killing em off now wtf will we do

  3. Quite. These people went to medical school for 12+ years to be told they're rapists by some privileged dumb fucks. Even though if it wasn't for those doctors and nurses, natural selection would've taken you out years ago.

  4. I had to take all 20 of my prescription xanax and cut my wrists in a bathtub after witnessing such mindless feminist banter. I cannot live on this planet any longer, goodbye sis gender whites and mysoginists.

  5. This is fucking sickening. These women are going to be the death of me….You would rather sacrifice the safety of you and your baby because you can't stand a licensed doctor touching you in a way necessary to give birth.
    Also…how did you not give consent? Wasn't the whole time you signed up and got a room and called your doctor and indication of consent…?