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Feminist hypocrites “objectify” Justin’s butt


Sheila Gunn Reid calls out the hypocrisy of “feminist” publication Marie Claire for making a video celebrating Justin Trudeau’s butt. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/feminist_hypocrites_at_marie_claire_objectify_justin_trudeau_s_butt
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  1. +Sheila Gunn
    SEXES both feminine & masculine always sell without any intervention from any groups but to put a nation leader in that category show his or her incompetence also their lack of intelligences…!
    Canadians had the bad luck to have a minorities of LOUDMOUTH, OBESES & stupid Marxist Feminist women & men Bitches that have use double Standard for single women who lived with 10 cats & work for the SUPREMACY & SUPERIORITIES of women plus their looks is ULTRA-MASCULINE & Feminist MANGINAS are Effeminate with plenty of cats or dogs bitches…!
    Lets destroy that non.sensical 3RD waves of Masculine Feminists and their uneducated allies & Lets put instead an EGALITARIANS Philosophy …!
    We must bring to destruction every motions laws & other idiocies that comes from mentally insane 3RD wave Feminism along with all the abuse of power also discredit all allies, the TRANS-TRENDERS,( Liquid)Gender Fluid, Poly Amorous Men or Women Whores, Effeminate Gay not really Men who are frustrated & hungry for sex then the Straight "White Knight" beta males hungry for sex too, those I forgot to mention and Lastly any governments, courts & human right Kangaroo court that have attach themselves to them…!


  2. Marie Claire like 7 Jours or any of these rags have nothing inteligent to print any way and sadly when inteligence is absent of course Turdo is happy to be part of it as always
    Remember this , he who huggs all the bitching groups spits in the eye of majority of productive voters and ends up hugging is on B….s in the toilet

  3. His decisions have been absolute failures that will cost Canadians for generations. A feminist Islamist? I don't think so. It takes a real moron to still praise this jackass & apparently Marie Claire is full of these exact morons.

  4. Isn't there a blog by trudeaus whore about drinking her menstrual fluid and it tastes good . It shows his being a feminist doesn't stop the mosques from separating men and women and women on their period . I guess he thinks that all the "guys wearing dresses " are feminists also . What a hypocritical cunt.

  5. women should have NEVER been given the right to vote. they need to take away women's right to vote because women don't think logically and will choose whatever FEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLSSSSSS RIGHT. Meanwhile, they can vote in a homicidal, globalist, treasonous piece of shit, like Trudeau

  6. feminist are a bunch of power hungry sexist retards. instead of dealing with real womens issues they cry about stupid things like paying taxes on tampons and the wage cape bs. they dont realize how good they have it here, instead of helping and standing up for women in muslim countries where women are oppressed harshly by islam, they defend islam and make it a symbol of feminism.

  7. OMG! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! These feminists, whatever the hell THAT means anymore, are people who get to vote! Didn't most feminists vote for Hillary? Wasn't that the whole point with the feminists: a woman for president! Many people, men and women, voted for Trump because they didn't consider Hillary to be the lesser of the two evils! FFS!

  8. the comment about his butt was the LEAST ridiculous comment in that entire video.

    ->he's killing it as PM and human being???? …. umm, no he's not; not even fucking close

    ->he thinks guys should call themselves feminists??? … sorry but no alpha male will ever call himself that

    ->all female cabinet??? … how about an all QUALIFIED PERSONS cabinet. Women may complain about a makebelieve paygap, but men (white men in particular) actually get less jobs in general …. women, and visible minorities get hired up the fucking ass in this country.

    ->friends with Obama???? Of course he was. Obama is a homo, so naturally he would be close with another homo …. fags stick together

    God i hate that anti-christian, pro-muslim, feminist, beta male cuck

  9. That's really sexist of this magazine to say that.  If a men's magazine would say that about a female politician the feminists would be screaming murder.  That dumb mangina, Fluffy Trudeau is really getting on my nerves.

  10. I can't stand Trudeau's smugness. He really thinks he's the cat's whiskers. There was a time when we Brits held up Canadians as the paradigm of masculinity. People who wouldn't take any shit. Mounties always getting their man etc. So where did this limp-wristed excuse for a pussy-man come from? Was he made in a lab?

  11. What a wonderful country we live in. Justin can say all kinds of weird crap and nobody wants to go to jail for killing him. They may want to kill him, but they certainly don't want the jail time. This is a very good thing. There are many countries that are not like this. If you don't like someone, you can kill them if you want to and it's entirely possible to avoid jail time all together. Those are shitty countries to live, I don't want to live there. But Justin does, so much so that he's doing everything possible to make this country into one of those countries.

  12. Feminists today all pretty much have Psychopathic Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They are all about external appearances. As well as traits like Hypocrisy. The Narc. is an actor. They care not for females, nor any particular cause. They merely seek to do whatever they want… at any cost. Their main drug of choice is attention. It matters not, if that attention is positive or negative. Word Salad, Mental / Psychological games, rude and loud behavior, false accusations… all games designed to push buttons, and tear up their victims to shreds. Learn their tactics, so you do not fall prey to them, in the future.

  13. i'm a man and i would like to be objectified please xD cause i want to fuck bitches but i despise feminism Feminism is just idiot on the recent days unless is in the middle east the women there don't have rights in western societies they have same rights as men please end sexism in the middle east that's what true feminism should be fighting for then maybe i'll call myself a feminist

  14. I live in the Detroit suburbs and I grew up watching Hockey Night in Canada and took a Canadian studies class back in high school millions of years ago. I have always had an interest in Canada. But it is difficult to see what is happening to our neighbors to the north. We suffered with Obozo for 8 years, hopefully you won't have to suffer too long with your child PM. How old is he , about 12?

  15. Trudeau represents the problems with our society.
    People have forgotten about how we got to where we are.

    How many people have read Shakespeare, Elliot, Dickens, Shelley, Wordsworth etc. and hold Trudeau's views?
    Not many I would wager.

    Because anyone who has read Shakespeare, Elliot, Dickens, Shelley, Wordsworth etc. will understand what our society is built on and just how easily with can be lost if we do not understand and love our culture for the blood, sweat and tears that have been shed for it.

    The foundations of our democracy and freedoms are based on ideas, discussions and limits that many people would seem to be willing to throw away.

    There are limits.