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All videos written and performed by TJ Kirk
Additional writing & research by Scotty Kirk

Music + Sound Effects by Audio Micro

Addition Music + Sound Effects by Jingle Punks



  1. Wow, I feel bad for this kid. He made a mistake and his mom made him a social pariah for it, insulting him and such.
    I dunno about you, but my skin wasn't thick enough for that at his age.

  2. Something tells me this mother has triggered thoughts of extreme violence against her from other mothers who actually give two squirts of piss about their kids. What the kid did to the new gal was not correct but humiliating a kid and selling him into slavery is a federal crime in any decent civilization. This fucking piece of worthless shit mother needs to be hanged upside down like they did to Mossulini.
    Actually that meme has some truth to it. Women are far more judgemental about male appearence than men about women appearence. I guess because women are far more shallow than men on average, with less sense of fellowship and far more vengeful, violent and cruel, even towards other women. They demand from men what they can't have themselves… This mom is a bitch and I hope her son abandons her when he comes of age. My own mom calls me fat, I call her fat, she calls herself fat, I call myself fat. So what the fuck is this bitch mad about? If she hates her own body, she should do something about it instead of being mad at a somewhat accurate joke that's supported by a few social studies on beauty standards. I don't care if my mother is fat, if she's loving, that's all I care about. I'm not supposed to be attracted to my birthgiver, that's sick. Furthermore, she insults her son and uses profanity against him – nice parenting, bitch – and yet does it in such an… what's the word? Illiterate? However it is spelled. Illiterate way that loses every ounce of credibility and reason. Call child services, put this kid in a loving home and this sick bitch behind bars for a decade.

  3. last week while walking out of the DMV these two women i guess you might call then were walikng in at the same time and very innocently said hi. at that point all fucking hell broke lose. these two bitches are screaming sexual harrasment and shit for saying hi. WTF. both of these creatures looked more like fat ugly dudes with red or green fuckinbg hair and to much lipstick. i was beginning to accept the fact that im going to probably be arrested because i was fixing on dropping these two loudass bitches my point is i had heard that these feminist bitches want consent to say high. how the fuck are we supposed to know who the fuck we can or cant say shit to. before this happened i had no real problem with feminists.i now have a huge problem with them. whatr the hell went to hell in thier life to make then so fucked up

  4. I feel really bad first kid. He could've had a great future ahead of him, and his own mother destroyed it by publicly humiliating him across the globe. Horrible mothers like that should lose custody of their children.