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  1. truewopr)… hay man good info. you should check out the correlation of Asperger's syndrome and the male brain having more white brain matter as in the female brain design and vice versa. the info of why was homosexuality a medically defined psychological illness. until the mid 1970s.

  2. Agree with TJ as usual, apart from one point. When he claims that what a transgender person does, doesn't affect other people is simply false for one simple reason: if the state and therefore everyone in their taxes has to pay for someone's transgender operation then it is no longer a private matter, as it affects everyone, and therefore should be debated because it's a social question.

  3. So changing gender is ultimate rebellion against god's design. If his grandchild gets cancer, is he allowed therapy, or is that violating gods design?

  4. "I don't know how you can have a more ultimate rebellion against God"

    Are you like fucking stupid or something? This is coming from a catholic. Killing people is worse, and hating people is probably worse too. Every preist or whatever says that God made us perfect in his sight, so that includes their fucking minds. I don't think he wants us to sit around and be depressed. If people like me end up going to Hell, then damn, Hell must be a great place by now.

  5. The science of transgenderism is that they are mentally ill and need therapy, NOT encouragement to fall further into their delusion, and that's just the plain and simple truth of it, Jack.

  6. I will say that I don't agree with the hate some wanna be Christians give to trans people because your right it doesn't say one time in the bible its wrong and the bible does not condone hate in general you pointed out the other rules of Leviticus the don't wear mixed fabric. this was not made for a society where mixing fabric is cheap and easy it was made for ancient Jewish culture where mixing fabric was very expensive and a big waste of money that could go toward helping people

  7. personally i don't approve of people being trans and gay and whatever for religious reasons but I'll still be friends with them. i mean what they do in the bedroom shouldn't affect my experiences with that person. I've met a couple of trans people and pansexuals who were decent people and I've met some who are assholes. so what if they're going to hell. did god not send Jonah to niniva to warn them? didn't he still try to treat them as god would? granted yes he tried to watch the city burn when his message wasn't heard. but wouldn't we all stop and watch? if we knew we had done our part wouldn't you want to see how it ended?

  8. the whole "trans people have dysphoria so they are mentally ill!! So why do we support it!!" Is so silly because like no. Not all trans people have it and those of us who do are normal? We've existed forever. Science has proven us to be real! Plus lmao is it a problem? We aren't hurting anyone. If anyone is hurting people, it's transphobes. Bye Becky ✌️✌

  9. Okay idiots, here's a lesson in someone who had gender dysphoria:
    I stopped being dysphoric when I transitioned socially, because people were actually treating me like a guy,. There was nothing to feel a disconnect with. When I transitioned physically my shrink actually said I was officially no longer dysphoric.
    Do some actual fucking research that doesn't involve wikipedia (or at least check out the sources) and stop saying trans people are mentally ill.
    Everyone with gender dysphoria is trans,
    but not everyone who's trans has gender dysphoria.

  10. Transgendered isn't a fucking word. You can't make an adjective out of something that's already an adjective. If you're using this word in your arguments shut the fuck up you obviously don't know what you're talking about.

  11. This is honestly to be expected from religious fanatics like this guy. They all believe that their religious beliefs should transcend what we know to be true, and what society knows is best for social progress. Christians, especially, for the most part believe that what we know to be true, can only be true, if it coincides with what the Bible says. And if it doesn't fit inside the Bible's definition of reality, it cannot be true. Even though it's actually the exact opposite. It isn't a problem what religious people want to believe. What is a problem, is when many of the legislators try to use their religious beliefs to try and force their own opinions on the rest of us.

  12. Here's a weird question: Do you think he would coward in fear of a trans gendered person walked up to him? My answer would be no. The reason I asked is that whenever a person like this shows and bias,dislike or shattered it is referred to as a phobia versus what it really is. A phobia suggests or is an irrational/extreme fear of something. No reason has to be given for said fear either. Surely, this guy has a prejudice or bias against homosexuals and trans gendered person's based on his interpretation of the book within his given faith.

  13. 3:20 This was the same logic people in medieval Europe used to deny people with birth defects of fixing them. Romans (also Indians but too far to apply here) had developed what we would today call plastic surgery but their knowledge was deliberately forgotten.
    Funny that it was still okay to chop of someone's limbs or ears as a form of punishment.

  14. I feel like TJ periodically has to set some of his supporters straight on LGBT+ issues. I think his bashing of authoritarianism, even on the left, gave the nod to alt-righters, the vast majority of whom hate transgender people for whatever stupid reason.

  15. that last line is basically my exact response to all religious zealots. If your book is perfect then stop bastardizing it to fit modern culture, that way the rest of society can see that religion is a disgusting, immoral, and ultimately useless tool for societal control that should have died out with the black plague, except unfortunately stupidity has a much higher infection rate in humans than yersinia pestis, and there isnt a magic bullet to kill stupidity like what science created for the black death. (i.e. streptomycin, doxycycline) Barring that, keep your fucking religion to yourself. Great video Tj, and that guy looks exactly like Boss Hog from the original dukes of hazard.

  16. Actually, I think somewhere in the bible it said that one must not where clothing of the opposite sex because it's an abomination. I don't know it word by word but I'm sure I've read it somewhere in the bible. And no, I would will not reread the bible in order to find the exact citation because I've already lost enough brain cells.

  17. Maybe I'm just a huge nihilist but I think it should be common fucking sense that as long as you're happy and aren't hurting others, what you like and what you identify as doesn't matter. All that matters is how you treat other people and how you contribute your fair share to society.

    Quite literally nothing matters. We're all here by coincidence and we all go to the same place after we die. Just enjoy life and don't be a dick to people. I do not and will never understand why that's so hard for some people.