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Evidence For The Trial About BALM BEACH. Surveyor Rod Reynolds Admits The Beach Is Public.


This is a conversation with Rodney G. Reynolds, a land surveyor for hire. If you want fraudulent surveys that tell municipalities that you own land that you indeed do not, Rod is your man!

I filed a $500,000 lawsuit against a group of people that lay claim to ownership of a public beach, and here is Rod Reynolds SAYING THAT THEY DO NOT OWN IT!

Rodney G. Reynolds
998 Mosley Street
Wasaga Beach, Ontario
L9Z 1A4

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  1. So either THEY, need to prove that Finely signed it over to them or his family did before he passed. Or Someone needs to talk to the township to follow the documents on property lines and the owner of that land, to see if Finley sold it to the town and hasn't moved since or what.

  2. That was a loaded discussion. He was very matter of fact up to the last part. Wonder why his measurements were thrown out though because he never went into detail about that or his relationship to any of the people involved.