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Environmentalists ally with Russia against Trump


Sheila Gunn Reid of TheRebel.media looks into the Russian money being used to fund anti-fracking activism. MORE:https://www.therebel.media/environmentalists_ally_with_russia_against_trump

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  1. You mean all I had to do was start an org titled anti fracking and I could have been awarded grants. write a few fake action plans record a few fake action videos and pay day! There has to be something illegal about that.

  2. waters and pelosi both have stock in Russian mineral and energy companies, acquired when sanctions were against buying stock in Russian companies. i dont think they bought them. like podesta, i think they 'received ' them for services rendered. anyhow, GOOD VID REBEL..

  3. Surprise, little Trump kiddies – Putin supports and funds both the Left and the Right in western countries for a variety of reasons. In this case, to protect Russian oil production from foreign competition (fracking). In the case of the alt-right (and alt-left), it's to encourage political chaos and support loony, compromised candidates like Trump and LePen.

  4. We Canadians know first hand about the sky rocketing gas prices in Canada, how in Canada our Liberal politicians gives us two choices in Canada, we can either freeze to death or starve to death. How kind of them to think of us that way! ( Sarcasm ) Not too long ago the environmentalist were blocking the idea of fracking in the Province of New Brunswick. Stupid Herring Chokers, don't they know how much revenue that fracking will bring in to that Province? No the New Brunswickers rather be more dependent on the welfare then having an opportunity to prosper. The environmentalist got the Native population in an uproar over the idea of fracking. You know the Native population where a large percentage of them depend on welfare handouts. Because apparently to them and the environmentalist the money just magically appear out of thin air. Now the State of Pennsylvania is doing a booming business of fracking, why is that I wonder? Not only Pennsylvania but other States in America. Mean while in Canada it is bad for the environment. Why is that I wonder? Mean while environmentalist groups are getting fat paychecks for blocking the idea of Fracking and working in the Oil Sands in Canada, while some Canadians are trying to survive in this harsh environment country of Canada. Which brings me back to the high gas prices in Canada the high hydro bills in Canada that our politicians don't care about because apparently they can afford to pay their gas bill or hydro bill without having to worry about it. Again I wonder why is that? Could it be because they are living the good life with money rolling into their pockets? Hmm!

  5. Pennsylvania and Ontario are part of the same geological formation. It's crumpled and smashed up granitic rock from the Canadian Shield that is full of fissures and cracks and crevices that go very deep into the continental crust. The Great Lakes are essentially a massive sink hole in the centre. I did not know that Pennsylvania was a gas producing giant, strange that in Ontario, with the exact same deposits, produces fuck all natural gas. There is a nickel mine in Ontario that mines the nickel iron ore from an ancient meteor impact site. It's called nickel rim, named after the ring shaped nickel deposits that splattered around the crater on impact. mining a meteor is fine I guess, but don't touch them devil hydrocarbons.

  6. Again I say; Putin, will you be our president? Our country has been fully infiltrated by satanists and child rapists/ sacrificers xd. Clearly big amounts of oil are being pulled from Alaska, 7.8 earthquake yesterday in the Aleutian Islands:l

  7. ? Fracking fucks with your water and your air and turns your kids into drooling retards! Also it causes annoying fucking earthquakes. Hilery and Obama where major supporters of fracking and they, mostly her went all around the world promoting it! Anti-fracking? SIGN ME UP!

  8. I absolutely despise Russia, so the fact that the left is claiming Trump is in cahoots with the Russians, when they provide no evidence infuriates me. However, when there's a case like this and real evidence, this doesn't even get addressed by the mainstream media. Keep that in mind the next time a leftist calls Trump a traitor.

  9. First priority for all of us should be to completely stop air pollution, and stop killing the planet, or else it doesn't matter who supports what or who's allied with who, well all die.

  10. Like i get it, but ehhh. isn't fracking pretty fucking dangerous compared to anything else? I'm just asking, i know nothing, but i've heard some say that fracking causes earthquakes in other places.

    And wether we talk about fracking or just plain and simple oil extraction… Don't you guys think that there could be a reason for these things to be in the ground? Like we humans have lungs and a kidney in our body? i'm just wondering.

    Not that i'm going to cry about it, honestly, i'll be dead in 60 years at most. Whatever happens after that ain't really my problem. And i'm not the one that created it, so don't blame me for "not giving a fuck". If i was the shot caller, i'd mass produce solar panels and wind turbines and fill every roof top on every house and building in the world with them.

  11. Once again Rebel stands accused of taking money from Big Oil and the Koch Brothers, who own a million acres in Canada's west. Fracking IS bad for the environment.

  12. Environmentalists are bought & paid for lobbyists for foreign energy concerns. Russia, OPEC, ever hear Greenpeace criticize China? Greenpeace China is an extension of their propaganda machine.

  13. Funny ! I want a T-shirt saying "Environementalist for Prison !"
    We have Fuel for ages. Companies say we will run out, so they can keep the price from falling.
    Lot of Gas in the ocean, no need to frack !
    Gas can also be extracted from decomposition of organic matter. (human and animal manure and plants, lot of crap availiable)
    Petrol and gas technology is obsolete.
    Mankind did theorical calculs for Nuclear around the years 1900 !
    Companies and governements are siting on piles of undisclosed and hidden inventions. They bribed and kill people to keep some inventions from the public.

  14. Fracking… of course y'all don't mind it until your water supply is ruined. Hey! At least you made money! It's not like water is more important for life or anything..

  15. Is it illegal for Russia to fund environmental activists in canada? It does not appear to be illegal for USA money to influence canadian frac laws. But either way it is our politicians that make policy decisions against energy development not environmental groups. Please do not blame foreign money for the stupidity of our politicians.
    Why does it matter if foreign money influences USA politics against them fracking? They are albertas competition in energy and they try to influence our policies with money.

  16. Fracking is the worst thing humanity has ever created. I'm all for American independence and energy production. But there is no good to come from destabilizing giant underground sections with toxic chemicals.

  17. You had to see what happened when Lithuania decided to allow for shale hydrocarbon searches and probably their extraction. Antifracking propaganda flooded media. Biggest billboards was bought by "somebody" to scare everyone of how deadly and scarry and dangerous the shale gas is.
    Its now a f-ckin rusofobia, ask anyone who lives in Russias neighbour country what they have seen.