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Dr. Oren Amitay and the Ontario Psychological Association


Recently, Dr. Oren Amitay, a lecturer in psychology at Ryerson U, invited me to talk to his class (and extended an invitation to other students at the university). He had previously been exchanging opinions about free speech, and the position I had taken on such issues, on a listserv operated by the Ontario Psychological Association. During this video, Dr. Amitay talks with me about the opposition he has faced regarding his opinions, and the steps taken by the OPA, in consequence.

Ryerson video: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=8ABa4RdNPxU

U of T debate (described in the opening of this video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68NHUV5me7Q&t=3468s



  1. Who would want a psychologist so fragile as this association? The only thing they seem to be able to handle are patients that have problems with safe space puppies not giving them enough attention.

    Makes me think of Douglas Murray's rant against Yale law students..

    BTW, Dr Peterson should have a chat with Douglas Murray..

  2. Dear Jordan B Peterson,
    Does this make any sense….
    the question may be NOT be that they don't accept it or you, but rather, they are unable to accept or even better put, they DON"T KNOW HOW TO ACCEPT. Most people don't listen or they do in a habitual manner, "schematically" with pre-emptive strikes of what they have encountered this, undermines any new possibility to be witness and incorporated, a certain lack of "openness" loosely said: unrehearsed listening.
    I would state that to accept something is a skill in its own right, its what trauma and therapy if fundamentally reduced to any given beginning is the ability to cognitively to ACCEPT, and this is "acceptance" takes place WAY WAY before understanding, "understanding" takes place way way after.
    the technique/practice to acceptance: one must slow ones thinking, and any identifying with thinking, then place complete awareness (repetitively) to ones sense(s), permitting/withstanding/allotting/supporting/cultivating a sense of intimacy with the coming and going of events/sensations/emotions/stories/though building… I identification has its merits, ands its futile flaws. Being creative is being adaptive, but one cannot be flexible to unforeseen circumstances, if one is always solving the present with the past (hence repeating the past acts in the present, becoming the recycled future) in a habitual (historically consciously made decision or unconsciously; culturally/ideologically/unexamined)…

    my jumbled response… or just sit ZAZEN or for some — vipassana

  3. Academia is a rotten world. It is almost impossible to get in if you don't have some sort of godfathers inside; then you have to play their affection game, meaning you almost need to prostitute feelings pretending you love someone you dislike; finally, if you get in, then you need to play low, keep quiet and hope for tenure. This meaning, if you really love to do research and teach (like I do), you better find someone to endorse you (that's why most people in academia are blood related to each other) and "smile and wave" all the way. It breaks you if you are in the begining and all you really, really want to is to be able to reach students because you feel you can contribute to their knowledge and learn in the process. I say this from a very painful place, as I have seen more often than not great people with great cv and research being left out because they're not part of "the circle". I hope Dr. Amitay can carry on his work, he and Dr. Peterson are professors as I wish I could be if ever that chance is given to me: thought provoking, educated and eager to learn from their students.

  4. Emotionally undeveloped ideologues have taken over the running of many institutions. If more level heads do not prevail over this tyranny, Western society will self-immolate. Who would want a psychologist or an organization of psychologists who are essentially members of the social justice cult probing around in their heads? How can anyone so clearly biased, and unwilling to listen to rational arguments possibly offer impartial and non-judgmental mental health services to people, when they themselves appear incapable of dealing within their own community in a neutral manner?

  5. If enough academics are speaking out against this sort of censorship then the SJ activists will eventually be revealed as the deceiving manipulators they are.

  6. just to attest to what these two gentlemen are saying.. I attented Mills College in the early 2000's. I one was foolish enough to express a different view than the accepted dogma, suppression of the view would be instantly ended. the class would rise up as one to shame, harrass and marginalize.

  7. Industrial model legitimation bodies are obsolete. Don't be surprised they are co-opted by ideologues and sociopaths.

    Guys, embrace the free market and the voluntarist space. Premature perhaps to abandon old structures, but don't put unfounded faith in them either.

    Jordan, start a life coaching and homeschooling online academy with private certification. Watch your influence grow. Criticise by creating…

  8. Many people is not able to put things in contest and split up a argument and look at the fact`s (grammar) and use logic to find the contest of the rhetoric used, and future more, they have no concept what so ever, of cause and effect, they focus on the branches of the tree, not the root problem, very clever to make the hole thing in to a debate of trans gender and not free speech, people fail to see that this is just one way to use a law like this, and the effect of such a law on other topics to society, Im sure them same people will deny they ever defended such a stupid law once it interfere with there own life`s, but I guess they then have a legit claim to be the victim they apparently want to be or think they are ?

  9. Dr Jordan B Peterson & Dr. Oren Amitay, thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your necks out on the line. both of you are doing society a profound justice. gentlemen we the people are here for you!

  10. Surely as psychologists, you should know that all they need to do is prime and frame aligned with classically conditioned associations (skeptic <–> closed-minded <–> hate; trans <–> victim <–> hate; conservative <–> right <–> Nazi <–> hate).

    The problem is that as non-Marxist intellectuals you believe in honesty and see yourselves as above such tactics. Well, maybe it's time you stopped being so nice assimilated your shadow side.

    Otherwise you're just going to say "I didn't do it" like the little gypsy boy in front of turning his pockets out to prove to Miss Hughes he's not concealing a contraband spider-man figure. As soon as you're doing that, you're framed as the accused rather than the accuser and nobody wants to defend you. Alternatively you're a witch and any attempt to prove otherwise is an act of witchcraft.

  11. Directness is never coercive. Anyone who thinks I'm forcing them in some way by my directness is unable to distinguish between "I'm not enjoying this experience" with "Someone's forcing me to experience it". If you don't like it, cover your ears or go away.

  12. Dear Jordan Peterson,
    I used to be a leftist ideologue. I centered myself after acknowledging that leftist tactics do not create or foster an ideal society. Thank you for speaking up and giving me courage to speak my mind. I was fearful at first, but the more I put my ideas out there, the more support I am given.
    This is pivotal and important. Many are following your lead. Thank you

  13. Its quite ironic and hilarious that the regressives were trying to silence Peterson, and shut his thoughts down. But in their attempt to shut him down, he now has a youtube channel with 200k subs and his lectures get tens if not hundreds of thousands of views.

  14. Dr. Peterson is not "full of hate". He is rational and if you listen (which many do not or will not – sometimes even let him speak), he is just purveying common sense.

  15. If I'm not mistaken, history shows us that authoritarian leftist regimes have always ended in violence. How can modern western democracies quell the authoritarian left without using violence? How do you deal with psychologically violent people who dismiss dialogue and insist on shaming (and potentially ruining) anyone who merely disagrees with them?

  16. It seems that Dr. Amitay is being targeted by a mindset that believes in Sharia legal interpretations … that "slander" is anything it doesn't want known, regardless of its validity.

  17. #################################################################################
    A technical detail: Mr. Peterson, please use a headset or head phones to avoid echoes occurring when other people talk to you that way. Simply said: The sound is output at your sound boxes, then get into the microphone again, causing it to be recorded again, in turn causing an echo.
    Please upvote this, I guess this is a useful information for the future of his videos' qualities and should be read by him.

  18. Both of these men are absolute heroes. They are fighting everyday to preserve our liberties. We need to support them with letters to their institutions, government, local representitives and more. JOIN THEM!

  19. Get this guy a YouTube channel and a Patreon account. Time to start poaching the heroes in academia from the clutches of the Neomarxist institutions, let them truly speak their mind and spread their knowledge, and pay them even better for it.

  20. _"Portraying psychology in a negative light." Is that what he said? You guys are making it sound like there's some kind of law ("ethical code"?) in Canada that makes it illegal to talk about psychology in a negative way?

  21. Have to give credit to the radical left for being able to take over so many organizations, be they professional associations, media, education, political parties, HRT, etc. They have accomplished this despite being a small (yet strident) segment of the population. I'm guessing the vast majority of voters who have kept Liberals in power in Ontario are regular hard working common sense individuals, and yet somehow the radicals are in positions of power, from Wynne on down.

  22. So people who are highly agreeable or consensus-seeking by trait are trying to make Peterson and Amitay agree WITH them as they are highly ordered or authoritarian by trait, and they do this mis-directing or re-directing the conversation because they are also low in open-ness or consistency-seeking by trait… the fact these 2 psychologists have no ready hypothesis or theories for such situations suggests that as high-achieving university lecturers, they simply have yet to experience opportunities or positions denied to them as matter or personality or identity politics which most face as a fact of daily life.

  23. I feel like we need some "I'm Spartacus!" moment among all these professors. Everyone is afraid to speak up because they are afraid doing it alone. Maybe it will grow exponentially when more people speak up.

  24. Why won't you just say "they"? Why don't you just deny your belief? Why won't you just renounce your name? Why won't you just blame someone else? Yeah guys, why won't you just shut up and do what they tell you to?