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  1. I came from Saudi Arabia, so I'm not white or even American.
    I was just talking with American friends. I told them that you have a victim culture here in the US, where every insecure unsuccessful individual blames the society for her/his dissatisfaction about life. All with no difference: black, Asian, Hispanic, White women, Muslim, and whoever. I think it's OK to do that for certain extent, but it becomes a problem when a specific community get too victimized until they start to justify a ridiculously high rate of crime, and guess which community is that?!

  2. I hate that Americans and English people still use the word "race". That concept just doesn't make sense… Nobody would use the word "race" in my country… There are ethnicities, but skin colour is such a small thing

  3. What an incredibly racist rant. Yes, you're an angry white man who doesn't recognise the discrimination you perpetuate.

    "Oh no, your slum is getting destroyed so you'll just have to move into another slum". So people should just shut up and move, to permit their 'betters' to take over the place they have lived for generations? The fact that they are in slums is not the fault of blacks, it is the result of centuries of discrimination – whether slavery, segregation, or simply forcing them out of 'the nice parts of town'.

    Of course, I realise you had plenty more to say along the same lines, but none of it is worth listening to. 'Victim culture', presumably you rant about SJWs, atheism is supposed to involve looking at the world as it is, not simply applying your own beliefs to the world in order that you might feel a little better or a little more in control. Try learning the facts rather than simply throwing labels around. Read the history of blacks in the US. Look at who is getting shot by police, and why. Look at who is getting shot by other blacks, AND WHY!

    Stop creating your own religion of 'I'm not a racist because I said so'.

  4. TJ. PLEASE look at MTVs new video. It talks about the word "white trash," and "cracker," and other terms used to "oppress" white people. I really want you to watch it (and try not to punch a hole through your computer).

  5. If I said that all whites were racist you'd take offense to that but blacks aren't suppose to take offense when you call us a victim cult despite 4 centuries worth of well documented victimization. Good to see that you haven't become the racist you use to mock on the right. Oh wait😯….

  6. Gentrification just pushes poverty outwards. NYC is a really good example. Violent crime is pretty low in all districts but the bronx although bronx is still half of CAmden's. Hempstead NY borders queens NY but has over twice the violent crime.

  7. I'm a black dude and I'd probably disagree with a lot of you on racist issues… but you guys have to realize not all of us are these sensitive fucks. They make "racist" not mean anything, and it's harder to present systematic racism as a real problem