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Debunking LeadNow’s pro-Khadr lies and race-baiting


Brian Lilley debunks LeadNow’s deceptive campaign designed to show that Canadians support self-confessed terrorist Omar Khadr. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/debunking_leadnow_s_pro_khadr_campaign_of_lies_and_race_baiting
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Help raise $1,000,000 for Sgt. Chris Speer’s kids!
Trudeau gave terrorist Khadr $10,000,000. Let’s pay for college for his victim’s fatherless kids.



  1. Kard had to face the truth, and facts as well as logic are only patriarchic – like math. And truth-telling hurts feelings.That's worse than butchering people in Paris!So that's torture.Poor pussy!But good news: Before the Kadr deal a palestinian terrorist got for a lifetime 3000 Dollar.I calculated that by becoming 90 years old, this is less than Khadr did (assuming he has to live with those 10 Million until the age of 90. So the palestinian reacted: After the murder of a family at home, the catcher palestinian terrorist gets now 3120 Dollar -that's an increase of 120 Dollar.

  2. Canadian MSM is a propaganda machine and the government are a bunch of big brothers worse then a 1984 novel! Canada won't be hit by terrorists bombs because most of them have already been elected and have already taken the country over!

  3. Some things are just plain wrong. This is one of them. I don't care about sneaky lawyers twisting words in our charter. Our charter CANNOT condone rewarding terrorists. Some things are just wrong and should be fought to the end. Trudeau is too soft on Muslims. I don't know why. There are many theories out there. Does he see ethnics are voter potential? Is he a secret Muslim? Do his wealthy Muslim friends pay him to soft pedal Muslim issues: Etc, etc………… Trudeau is NOT a good PM for Canada. He has lost the respect of many Canadians had. I wasn't one of them, but even his supporters must be shaking their heads about now.

  4. This is the only card the left has to play. when their argument can't stand on it's own merit they play the racist, sexist, Islamophobia card. I am outraged that Khadr got a penny, I am outraged he was let out early

  5. What I don't understand from this whole deal is, can something be done to reverse the payment? From the news I get the vibe that the money has already gotten into his pockets and nothing can be done anymore, yet I see a petition like that one from taxpayer.com and it sounds like it can still be opposed. So which one is it?

  6. Canada should not have been given the 10.3 million, he should have taken it to court and then would have gotten over 20 million.
    Whether Canadians are against it, it does not matter because International law and the Canadian constitution does not support torture and child abuse.

  7. The problem is that CSIS shared to much information with FBI concerning his case now where Canada really screwed up is when he was released from Guantanamo Canada let him keep his citizenship instead of stripping it from him now with his citizenship the has a right to sue Canada for sharing information and screwing up his case. Canada should of just shipped him out!

  8. And this is just the tip of the iceberg Brian. There was another settlement of $10.5 million dollars given to another terrorist before Omar Khadr. Now there are three more terrorist over in Europe that are suing Canada for $100 million each, for the same bullshit that Omar has gotten away with, check it out for yourself. Then what happens when the rest of the criminals already here in Canada and in jail try the same bullshit? Who will be paying for that, certainly NOT the Muslim immigrants, that are not here to work, but want you to work for them? WTF?

  9. I think Canadians deserve to know who is LeadNow. It is a leftist advocacy group started by Graham Mitchell to attack Harper during the Federal election. They try to state they are grassroots and unaffiliated which is the farthest from the truth . LeadNow is funded by Tides international , a US umbrella organization that is funded by George Soros and it funds all the Canadian environmental criminals like Greenpeace ,WWF, Suzuki Foundation,etc to attack Canada's resource industries. The fact that a Canadian group is funded by a foreign organization to interfere with a Canadian election is serious but that's how Trudeau got elected.
    The Alberta NDP have never come out with an opinion about the Khadr issue and that is a puzzle. But the puzzle is now solved. Graham Mitchell , founder of LeadNow is the Chief of Staff in the Alberta Ministry of Finance under Finance Minister Joe Cici.
    The fact that the NDP has never spoken out about the Khadr issue should easily be assumed that they agree with it but don't won't to piss off the vast majority of Albertans ( and Canadians) who disgree.
    When the next provincial and Federal elections occur , expect LeadNow to come up with more lies and devious BS slamming the federal Conservatives and provincial United Conservatives. And remember that they are foreign fund and are NOT a grassroots unaffiliated group. They are foreign funded political saboteurs .

  10. Torture is arguing with a Snowflake/ Islamophiliac/SJW/Antifa/Democrat/ Libtard(Liberal with mental disease) who calls you a racist and/ or swears at you after you come out with fact based logic!

  11. Whenever pundits including Brian Lilly talk about trudeau and others claiming that khadr was a "child soldier" they fail to mention that he was put into his situation by his terrorist family. I think this is a very important fact that should be explained. If there is one individual that is to blame for his situation and criminal upbringing it is his own father. Instead, we always hear about khadr having been sleep deprived. From what I have read the police in Canada uses a similar technique. I can't see anything wrong with it. It should not depend on "opinions" and lawyers' manipulative language whether sleep deprivation is torture. Any normal thinking person would NOT describe it as torture, sim[ply because it is NOT.

  12. Trudeau should never be elected again, for this Khadr issue alone. Then tack on the total fiscal mismanagement and all of the lefty idiocy and you would think that there could never be a snowball's chance in hell that Trudeau would ever get elected again. But mark my words, TRUDEAU WILL WIN THE NEXT ELECTION!!!!  Here is exactly how he will do it. He got elected primarily because Canada has a huge pot smoking populace and Trudeau promised to legalize pot. But he won't. He will wait until close to the end of his term and he will say that the Liberals were too busy doing research on how to best implement the legalization of pot, what with new studies linking it to various maladies in young developing brains, the issue of pot impaired drivers, etc. But he will promise to legalized it if he gets voted in again. That will be all that he needs. The uninformed millennials, combined with the potheads who want their habit to be legalized, are too mentally thick to see the whole truth, or even care about it, for that matter. They are only concerned with their own little drug induced hazy box world and could not give a rats ass about ANYTHING else. Trudeau could be the catalyst that leads to the break-up of our country.

  13. If in fact that Khadr admitted throwing that grenade then Canada just paid a jihadist terrorist. I also read somewhere that he his from a known al-queada family, if fact then how did they get into Canada (failed vetting process) , lets get Mr Truturd out in the next elections.

  14. There have been cases where Canadian citizens have been charged convicted and imprisoned…. only to find out years later they were actually innocent…. hmmm bet they didn't get $10.5mil their rights had been definitely denied and abused. I say screw you Trudeau you are a C.U.N.T. Can't. Understand. Normal. Thought.