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DEBATE: Thunderf00t VS. Gman! Atheist VS. Creationist! (DP)


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  1. Evidence for evolution is all around us. That's why you have different races, different breeds of the same species. They've all adapted to their environments to have visible differentiations. Otherwise everyone would be the same race. Every animal would be just one breed. What the fuck is so hard for people to understand.

  2. So if through the process of natural selection a certain tree's trunk becomes shorter and less thick as to be indisgushable from any other branch. Couldn't you then say that the tree became a shrub therefore going from tree to a non-tree.

  3. you guys are a joke you blindside someone then act like because he insulted you whilst you're being completely condescending hes in the wrong. just like social justice warriors.

  4. seriously though let your guest talk. That guy is the one who makes this all enjoyable and fun, every time Gman says something i laugh hard. Seriously put that guy on a stage, he is one of the best comedians i ever listened to

  5. Yes Gman is an idiot. But he's a polite and respectable. He is no more patronising thunderfoot, he doesn't continuously interrupt him, he actually asks questions and will admit when he is unsure on something, he will accept people's point of view and challenge it based on his beliefs.
    Whether he is correct or not is besides the point, he's not like those westboro baptists asshats he keeps to what he thinks he knows, so meh he gets a pass in my books

  6. But i can be seen, through generations scientist has even proven pretty much we change to adapted are enviroment. The German Shepherd back has changed due to the genes. Another example is a zebra is a horse basicly, however it is moving on.

  7. The biological classification fitting the definition G-Man gives for Kind already exists in the Taxonomic Rank, but it's actually called Family. This however, only proves evolution to me and most of those who study it. It shows our level of relation to other species through it's rankings. Domain > Kingdom > Phylum > Class > Order > Family > Genus > Species.

  8. I genuinely feel sorry for Thundermoron. He is the typical narcissistic personality who refuses to engage because of the possibility of ego injury. Everytime I hear him attempt to was logos he comes across as a logically inept doofus. He always makes me cachinnate as well as anyone who supports his drivel.

  9. G man does not understand evolution. He needs to see AronRa's Falsifying Phylogeny playlist. It probably won't change his mind but at least his understanding of evolution will be better. Evolution doesn't mean that a dog will turn into a non dog. That's pokemon evolution.

  10. Hyena's are animals that are technically feline but are somewhere in the middle between feline and canine. it's an example of a cat becoming a non cat. It's basically a snapshot in the history of that animal, if you were to jump forward by 100000 years it would have evolved and changed enough to be considered something different

  11. wow. if you define macro-evolution in a way that defies the theory of evolution (a canine becoming something else than a canine) the theory of evolution actually doesn't make sense anymore.
    a canine's offspring will always be a canine, and because the offspring is a canine, its offspring will also always be a canine. same with vertebrates. or multi-cellular life. or life based on cells. when did you evolve to something that wasn't based on cells anymore?
    a mammal, however, can give birth to a canine. the canine is still a mammal. (not every mammal can give birth to a canine…)

    basically, he says he believes in a creation myth until he sees evidence that proves the theory of evolution wrong. genius.

  12. On principal I agree but they should go 1v1 instead of ganging up on him, because even though they are totally right and he is a stupid asshole, they are coming off as bullies. I feel like Thunderfoot is trying to keep it intellectual and the other two are just kinda trolling.