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Copy of Sandra Solomon Protests The Traitor Jihadi Justin Trudeau At Mississauga City Hall


Jihadi Justin Trudeau showed up at Mississauga City Hall. He got some cheers. He got some boos. He gave us almost NO TIME and said NOTHING to the crowd.

Bonnie Crombie giggle like a four year old and clapped her hands together like a monkey hopped up on LSD prior to Justin showing up and then marched him up the elevator to tell him all about me….at least I am sure my name is going to come up.

Sandra Solomon was ignored by the Liberals, so she protested.

Please watch the video right through to hear me interview her about the dangers of Islam.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. Listen up folks, Sandra is a Moslem apstate, she lived under Sharia Law & has had her life threatened for leaving Islam. Idiot Boy Jihadi Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada & Moslem terrorist supporter, his Moslem MP's are trying to end democracy & our right to freedom of speech & all should be charged with treason.

  2. it's up to the people to make a change the key thing is when you F-UP collect all video and paper trail then when it's time for elections they stand no chance they will be hiding they can't stand up for the truth it's all in the open its up to use real or not and so far it's not looking good for them remember paper trail is key for 2018

  3. Where were the strings? I thought all puppets used strings? Weren't the security guards harassing her…."escorting" her out…did they have the right to ask her to leave? Looks very draconian.

  4. Why do these idiots cheer for this guy? Are they being paid? Turdope loves this shit. He'd rather be in front of a camera getting his ego stroked with people tripping over themselves taking pictures rather than be in question period. You know the job we Canadians pay him for.

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  6. Muslim apologists are just as bad as radical Muslims. While they are apologizing and defending Muslims, the radical Muslims are raping and pillaging their own citizens. This is treason and I hope that they are charged to the fullest extent of the law when the new Prime Minister takes office.

    Justin Treason stated that diversity is good for the economy. If this is the case why are they not working and contributing? They are receiving a handout from our government to go out and protest Canadians in the streets, pledging to take over our country – paid for by our tax dollars. It's all been made legal through M-103. The only way this will change is through a political revolt of the voters.