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COMMON SENSE: Homophobes Are Idiots



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  1. I don't know if it is a choice, since I don't know what they mean by 'choice.' But either way, I couldn't care less if it was a choice was not. What people do is their fuckin' business, and any religious zealot who thinks they're going to police what I do in private will receive a nasty surprise, indeed.

  2. I dont agree with your "You either love cock, or hate it" argument.
    That's ridiculous. I don't want to see male genitals, but I won't have a panic attack if I do.
    I would have thought that an open-minded guy like you wouldn't see the world in such absolutes.

  3. My only view that dissents from this video is that bicuriousity is more prevalent than TJ gives it credit for. While true the number may be meager, men who are open minded about their sexuality do exist.

    One thing I've never understood is, even if sexuality were a choice, who cares what they do to get off? Doesn't hurt anyone. Let them do whatever they want.

  4. Am I the only one here who hates homosexuality as a kind of trait to have but not homosexual people themselves?

    You know, it's kind of like for example I hate football, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I hate football players. Hell, I might even have friends who play and love football!

  5. TJ… I really do not agree with your belief that men either love dicks or hate dicks. I'm a hetero guy who just do not like homosexual sex. I will not like if another guy comes onto me at all. Yet this does not mean I'm against dicks in general especially when I see them in hetero p0rn. What you're likely saying that men are either for or against homosexuality. Yet this does not mean that every hetero guy out there is a homophobe, just they're not into homosexual sex. So I really can not see your point at all, given it makes no sense. I personally believe in rights for homosexuals, since they're human like me, yet that does not mean I'm into homosexual sex.

    So sorry, I think you're being bias here.

  6. And what makes Christians dumb is they think that the trees, hills, and rivers are "enough proof" that "God" exists, all that really does is make them sound like delusional optimists with 99.99% of their brain cells dead

  7. ok, when i clicked on this video, dislike number was "666" … thats an achievement
    ….. no, its just that not more people disliked the video with their several accounts

    made a screen, though, haha

    being homosexual is NOT a choice, but one can be made one through life experience
    many gay men for example, had only their mother raising them and they became more feminine…. happens, but thats it

    geez, what idiots there exist on this planet

    the reason i'm subbed to this channel, is so I dont need to facepalm and try to explain people how they are wrong all day long (yea, counts for both things)

    i send em this video, and get no response

    when i watched the amazing atheist, i no longer have the urge of searching for the people who are ignorant and kick their asses, cuz most of my agression will be replaced by relieve

    thank you TJ!!

    i'm no gay person, but what i just said about some gay people's case, happened in reallife
    …. just not to myself

    TJ, take a break, cuz if you wanna try to slap some sense into those people's heads, you'll be busy all day and night….. every day and every single fucking night
    and even though i believe you have the energy to do so, you dont have the patience, as it wont work anyway

    R.I.P. common sense for those people this is targeted to….. IDIOTS!!