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“Common Sense” Gun Control Debunked! (Man-On-Street)


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Buzzwords like “assault weapon” and “semi-automatic” seem to be all the rage. But what do they mean? More importantly, what do the people pushing for “common sense” gun control and weapon bans think they mean? We find out…

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References at http://louderwithcrowder.com/gun-control-lies-exposed/

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  1. A weapon dosent moves by its self. A weapon dosent speak by its self. A weapon is powerless. It dosent to what… IT…. wants . A gun control weakness the weak , but powers the powerfuls. Dose such law implies to criminals. Will such law be followed by criminals. Black markets is dark world. War lords , drug lords and gangs can aquire powerful weapons easily and cheaply or expensively. This law enforced only to the innocent people. This law Will strip away their last armor , this law brings more successful carjacking, robbers , assassination, and attacks. Tell me how?………. will this form help stop criminals from attacking you or your loves one's.

  2. Keep the guns, cya at the next comment section of a toddler shooting himself with daddies gun 😀
    Or maybe a school shooting, or a mall shooting…….

    Who knows…..god bless America!

  3. If u take away any sort of assault rifle or gun in general bad guys are still going to find ways to bring in guns. Ur just taking away our right to defend ourselves against people who can get those guns. So fuck socialists who wanna take out guns away. It's not guns that kill people its people that kill people

  4. It's just so… painful to watch.
    Observing the utter lack of critical thinking and absolute inability to acknowledge one's own incompetence on a given issue followed by the inevitable complacency with an "authority figure" is not only cringeworthy — it's horrifying.

  5. You conclude by saying that the people who want to control guns aren't gun owners themselves? But you made all fire arm owners walk away before finding out if they'd want to sign. You also tricked people and played off of their lack of knowledge to try and distract from the truth. Their points are valid. Just because they don't know what weapon a specific round goes in or what each round does, doesn't make it any different, especially when you ask closed questions to trick them into assisting you in making your point. Your questions should have been completely open and impartial. I love your other videos and couldn't agree more but with gun control you need to look at the bigger picture

  6. Dawn Hope1 second ago
    We better keep all of our guns. Don't listen to those brainwashed poor Americans who either unlearned or are being paid to help take down our country. This is the best country on earth. If America FALL where will we go, PEOPLE?

  7. Switzerland had mandatory gun ownership for hundreds of years and GUESS WHAT… no country has to date invaded them in 700 years.
    Guns are more common than cars yet no gun violence!!!!
    Hitler was the first to establish gun control in countries.

  8. I worked at the gun shows part-time and part-time at a pawn shop I had a nice collection of guns just like my collection of Playstation Xbox games and Star Trek memorabilia at one gun show I decided hey I'm going to make a completely White AR-15 nobody knew it what it was so everybody wanted to pick it up and when I told him that it was an AR-15 they immediately got scared I don't know what the fuck is wrong with people but last year Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office did an illegal search and seizure on my home broke my back while I was in there Detention Center and I don't even know what my charges were yet I did six months in prison and now I have a broken back and they stole everything I own evcon the court a dozen times now my federal public defender doing a good job and she asked what does the Sheriff's Office want from me why are they harassing me what do you want the sheriff's department replied that they want me 25 years in a federal penitentiary or mental institution because my interest in guns and because I recorded the cops every time they harass me. I have a broken back who was not done by inmates it was done by a lieutenant and sergeant at the main detention center Gun Club Road Palm Beach County Sergeant Michael Custer I'm another Custer case L5 S1 damaged vertebrae crushed right hand all the way up to my right collar bone they kicked my face in I know have to use powerful prescription eyeglasses and I'm wheelchair-bound I went to court Monday Custer changed his Story 3 times when I got home I called my doctor's office to reschedule they said I've been discharged from the practice because someone in Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department came in while I was at court and had a false report spooked my Dr and my doctor gave up my medical info I was beaten to death and brought back and I have to worry about going to prison for the rest of my life when asked what are the official charges they keep changing them creating new ones they just won't let it go whatever it is they don't want me to have my property back I even made my own plea bargain give me back my property and my rights and I'll leave the state I move away leave me alone they countered it with how about you do 6 years in a mental institution I'm not a mental case my federal public defender found the connection between a stalker that's been harassing me for 7 years his affiliation with the sheriff's department and then witch Sheriff's Department Personnel had been harassing me for what reasons and how it goes up the ladder. I never fucked with the police sheriff's department never did anything to them I got ripped off by a scam artist and then he had family in the Sheriff's Department. I might be going to prison for 10 to 25 years just because of dirty cops and because I owned guns and worked with guns but I also worked part-time at EB Games before it turned into GameStop the weather attacking me is that because I own guns and filmed the sheriff's department harassing me threatening me then they actually beat me to death and made it known to a lawyer I must be mentally disabled

  9. next time you do this take a plain Jane AR-15 and coat it pearlescent White. you would be amazed on how the stupid people think it's okay just because it's white it ain't white it ain't right that's why everybody hates the black guns just another form of stupidity

  10. Every country that has had some form of gun control has seen the numbers of people killed in gun crimes decrease drastically in the last 30 years. I don't see the flaw in the maths tbh.