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Christian High School Student Apologizes For Islam And Does Not Think We Have The Right To Protest


It is regrettable that our entire Western world has made it clear to our youth that their feelings are more important than facts and more important than the law. I was covering a story of a protest against the Islamization of Ontario High School students and a teenage girl showed up to argue with one of the protesters, Eric Brazau about Islam.

He was able to shoot down all of her arguments as she presented no real argument, but what she was instead saying is that she does not agree with all of the tenants of Sharia law AND that she also does not believe that anyone in this country is allowed to protest Islam in any way. Her reasoning appears to be that no one should have their feelings hurt in Canada and regrettably young miss, that is just not how life works.

What we have is an entire generation of pussies who are very happy to remain as pussies and shoot their mouths off bringing absolutely no argument to the table aside from the fact that they don’t feel good about people who wish to discuss the problems plaguing our country today.

The facts do not care about your feelings people!

The sooner you realize that the sooner you can pull yourself out of the trench of ignorance and begin contributing to our society.

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  1. another liberal Christian , that has no concept of Islam and the fact that it denies jesus three times…1 jesus is not the son of god. 2 jesus never died on the cross. 3 jesus was never resurrected

  2. Kevin, I really want to say how grateful and proud we are of you now. Not too long ago you were name-calling, swearing, demeaning and attacking people personally, in your passion for truth. It was turning off a lot of supporters for your cause, even though we agreed 100% with what you were doing. But you have changed your actions and words, still carrying this most important message; to respectful​ness, class, logic, even-temperedness, educated and someone to highly respect. You now have more power with the respect and we are so behind you. The way you handled this situation was so classy on your part.

  3. Doesn't she realize that Islam is a religion that survives on hate?  Is she stupid?  With her it is all about feeling and daffodils.  What she does not realize is that sharia is infiltrating in our country. That's why the Muslims have so many demands.  Muslims don't want a conversation, they want their way.

  4. so….. if she thinks protesting, holding a a simple sign is wrong, maybe sitting down peacefully with a suicide bomber over a cup of coffee is a cool peaceful civil thing to do ?? lol good luck

  5. Does she realize she could have been the 23rd victim at the Adriana Grande concert? And she wants to tell us to go out and hug a muslim? I bet she hasn't even done that!
    Now, back to the protest!

  6. Islamist has taken over Ottawa Public School; Board as well. Prayer rooms only for Muslims in every High School and visit by Imans too.  Police are at every schools every day since to level of violence's had increase because of the Muslim boys behaviors/ Nothing is reported by the media or the school board's.


  8. She basically agreed with most of what you said not just the way you said it. We need to attract a few to our side. Thanks for fucking up that chance.

  9. all i can say about these fucking morons is "if we kill our enemys, they win" -justin trudeau….. you wonder why these kids are so blind look at the mutts running our country. my kids are educated on islam and i educate anyone i come into contact with about these savages. some listen some have their heads to far up jihad trudeaus ass

  10. Stop saying you "don't know everything about Islam". YOU KNOW NOTHING about Islam…YOU ARE IGNORANT! Go learn before you tell others they are spreading "hate". What I HATE are ignorant people who defend a stupid death cult so they can feel morally superior! You're not – you're an idiot!

  11. she's a typical SJW who is uniformed on what she's opposed to
    she just wants to disagree without even reading the Quran

    ship her out to a muslim country with the rest of them
    see how they make out