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Chinese Company with Communist Party ties eyes Grouse Mountain


Christopher Wilson explains why news that Grouse Mountain will be sold to China Minsheng Investment Group with strong ties to the Chinese Communist party, should concern Canadians. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/chinese_state_influence_advances_company_with_communist_party_ties_eyes_grouse_mountain
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  1. I don't see a problem with more Chinese choosing to reside in Vancouver. I mean, Canada needs the cold hard cash and population growth while us Chinese are still willing to come here. Fair deal right? This is how market economy works my friends. Peace

  2. do you understand laundering. washing cloths with detergent. Next set of people in the party will run after this set now in power. Then what will you do if you're the one in power now ?

  3. Hell this ain't news Daddy rat pierre(maybe Justin's dad ???) was a Maoist forever! Oh by the way the Chinese folks built the railways across Canada! However bet they are the biggest property holders in Canada besides the Queen!


  5. Not a dictator, you dimwit. It's a single-party meritocracy in which leaders get elected by qualified party members. You'll never see president Xi's offspring become the next president.

  6. It is almost too late for Vancouver in my opinion. It is well on its way to being a gated community for the rich with homeless slums on the side. There is already some unsettling trends: professionals are leaving the city, and so are local families with children. In other words, the bread and butter of a stable society (the middle class family) is leaving. How can this possibly be stable?   Short answer: it can't. I'm not so sure any token changes like the recent home buyer's tax will have much effect.

  7. Canada is already finished. By the time 2019 comes there will be no Canada left. The only way is to throw Jihadi Justine turdope out immediately but it is way too late because Jihadi Justine Turdope has already done the damage. We may be leaving this God Forsaken Country if this keeps up even now we may be leaving. Canada is finished completely.

  8. What Vancouver? The all Canada is sold to China. Starting the chip plastic shoes and clothes and dirty restaurants Chinese students taking over the universities. Places that no more English language. Banks and industrial Chinese investments. Airlines that occupying airports….condos that owned by Chinese and Iranians. and why?

  9. We can only hope the Chinese take over this failing country before the Muslims do. At least the Chinese know something about business and building a functional nation and generally like western culture. The Muslims will begin extermination campaigns.

  10. So Your Gov't Trudeau has fucked up your beautiful country of Canada !!  He's selling everything to the foreigners !!  IF He's not selling .. China isn't buying .. period.

  11. Canada needs to ban foreign property/company ownership by foreign companies. And all purchases must be regulated, and heavily taxed by the 2019 Conservative gov't, considering that the Liberal gov't consists of mentally challenged children that sniff their finger after wiping their ass with 1 ply.

  12. Who gives a shit about politics and gay black Muslim schlong spunk drinking homos like Trudeau and all the rest of the world leaders. This world will be divided into 10 kingdoms with 10 kings real soon according to the bible . Then the 10 kings give their power to the beast . This makes all your Chinese and Muslim talk sound like rubbish , why debate all this secondary crap which is meaningless, besides u all act like there was something that could have been done to prevent this stuff from happening , ha ha no way , it's written in scripture and scripture cannot be broken. So all u complacent people get ready to be slaves to the beast

  13. Dang, is there something in your maple syrup or something? First paying terrorists, now selling to foreign governments. I'm thinking we may not want you as neighbors. Maybe the US will hammer your asses in the NAFTA negotiations and yall will come to your senses.

  14. First we had Mulroney killing off our industry, other PM's auctioning off our resources and machinery/plant capabilities and now Trudeau is selling off the family jewels and has disappeared our gold reserves.

  15. This is no news. Canada has been on sale to foreigners since Europeans set foot here in the 16th century whether we like it or not. It does not make a difference if our government is ruled by liberals or conservatives. Our land and assets are for sale. A real possibility is that soon we will be unable to live in our own country as the rent will become too high for most of us. And for those of us who say that attracting foreign investment is great, think again. Where do you think the profits go? When a foreign multinational buys a company here and need to close some factories, do you not realize they will shut Canadians factories first? Look what Heinz did not too long ago when they decided to close a ketchup factory. The Canadian plant was closed in favour of the American one. For Heinz that was a business decision, but for our people working there, it was part of their life! Our politicians look great when they can say, they attracted foreign investment to create jobs. It's a simple as that.

  16. What you are stating has long been my contention, and I have repeatedly pointed out exactly what you state, on many chat lines and comment sections of news articles! I have repeatedly stated that anything, Canadian real estate, hi-tech companies and facilities, and even a chain of senior care facilities, being bought by China, was NOT being bought by so-called "Chinese millionaires or billionaires wanting to hide their money" but rather by companies fronting for the People's Republic of China/ Chinese Communist Party! Oh, and furthermore, once China has a great deal of interests in Canada, the communists WILL protect their interests by ALL means necessary, up to and including military intervention!

  17. Canadians just piss me off. I want us to have a Conservative government but I have no idea if it will happen because Trudeau has bought the votes of all the pot heads when he legalizes ganja. Also, there are so many immigrants who will vote for him. Also, the Chinese have made everything unaffordable and they will vote for him since he continues to let them carry on their old ways. Also, he is pro feminism and LGTBQ so that will get him votes from those people. This country is fucked. I don't understand how people don't take a look around and see how bad this country has become since he came in power. We need a Trump. Someone who will actually care for this country and its citizens. We need to wake the FUCK UP and take our country back! #MakeCanadaGreatAgain