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Catholic Church: Sexier Than Ever


Yes, the Catholic Church is still an evil empire controlled by a former nazi–but at least they are only subjugating the poor and molesting children. It beats their old hobbies of genocide, slavery, sexism, racism and torture.

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  1. As a young guy in my 20s I admit little teenage girls can appear hot sometimes but not that much invoke an urge to fuck them. Clearly these more 'mature' priests don't have the control over this. Plus they have a boy fetish. That is just more sick!

  2. I heard on the news that there was a priest that admitted to molesting several little girls. Yeah, that's right little girls. There are some new age priests now going after little girls and not just boys, no child is safe now. Parent's hide your fucking children cause they're not going to stop. It's ironic in a way that even though their against gay people and sodomy, yet they think it's okay to fuck children in the ass! Hypocrite's all of them.

  3. The Catholic Church is made up of men like every institution. There are good and bad men. The sick pedophile Priests and the ones that covered it up are evil, but that doesn't mean the, "Institution" as you said, is evil in itself. If we have a bad President or a bad Senator we kick them out and replace them, we don't tear down the entire Government. Less than 1% were Pedophiles, so that's unfair to demonize the other 99% that is living selfless lives in service to other.

  4. The Catholic Church claims that it is the "one true church" but that is completely false. Roman Catholics claim that you can go to heaven by doing "good works". Although it is good that they are doing good works, it will not get you into heaven. To get into heaven, all you need to do is believe in The Father Almighty and accept Him as your personal savior. It is that easy. You do not have to go to mass, you do not have to do good works, and you do not have to bow down to statues of Mary. All you have to do is accept Jesus.

  5. Back in the !950s my grandmother worked for Christian Aid as a midwife in Nigeria during their civil war, she later told us how she was horrified when she learned how the charity she worked for would only give food to the starving citizens of that war torn country if they said Christian prayers first

  6. I live in Poland and here catholic church is so powerful.
    If anyting happens something bad, something good, something neutral,then always there must be a priest. I am an atheist and my religion teacher looks at me like he wants to kill me. Bad thing my religion teacher is school director.