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Canadian Green Party LOVES Terrorists! Leader Elizabeth May Admits It On Stage!


Elizabeth May is the leader of the Canadian Green Party. The only policy that she wants to put in place is that you will not be allowed to drive a gas powered car and in fact it looks like there will be no gasoline allowed in Canada whatsoever. Naturally this will send Canada back to the Dark Ages and she seems to be very proud of that. Elizabeth May continues to speak ad-nauseam about global warming and somehow believes that a freezing cold country like Canada can warm up 1.5 degrees in the next couple of years.

What you really need to know is it the only true policy she has used to be as anti-American as she possibly can be. Here is the leader of the green party getting up on stage drunk out of her mind and telling everybody that she is happy that a terrorist is returning to Canada, the same terrorist who killed an American Soldier. We need to get all the stupid people in this country, out of this country ASAP

Kevin J. Johnston – FreedomReport.ca

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