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Many are boycotting the Ender’s Game movie coming out this September because of the extreme homophobic views of the book’s author, Orson Scott Card. Do you think the boycott is justified?

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Orson Scott Card’s antigay views prompt ‘Ender’s Game’ boycott

Orson Scott Card, Anti-Gay Author, Responds To ‘Ender’s Game’ Boycott Campaign

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  1. I have watched the first 30 min or more, what a bore … One of the worst movies of this decade.
    Funny enough, the movie looks like a gay fantasy, spreading that New Age crap, with sweaty young boys and floating pyramids …

  2. though I'm disappointed at the type of person he is, there is no denying that he is a brilliant writer. I love Ender's Game, beautiful book. Ender's Shadow, even better. Ender's Exile, very interesting. I'm still going to proclaim that the book is the shit, cause it is, only the author is anything but.

  3. If the LGBT activists want to be consistent, why don't they boycott "Lord of the Rings?" JRR Tolkien was a very devout Roman Catholic, and will certainly be heavily opposed to any LGBT stuff.

    What about "Chronicles of Narnia," written by CS Lewis, whose ideas clearly fall in line with much of conservative religious philosophy?

  4. Probably a lot of people whose works we admire have said horrible things. Not that Card is no worse than anyone else (he definitely is). But I read a lot of classic novels and watch old movies and the people who made them likely often weren't that progressive. Of course that was back in the day so they had more of an excuse, and they aren't alive anymore to profit from my support, but if people's problem is with supporting a bigot, then we support a lot of bigots. As for Card's profit, I would think of it as supporting Ender's Game itself, not just him. Even if he is a jerk, the book is still a worthwhile thing to be supporting. I would rather not that it faded out of existence because it had the misfortune to be authored by a blockhead.

  5. How far society has slid. Anyone who has a diverging view these days about anything even remotely related to identity politics is considered immediately to be of less worth than a leper or an axe murderer. I wish you'd all just shut up and stop trying to force everyone to agree with you.
    I never used to have problems with gays at all until the recent wave of these communist witch hunts started against anyone voicing even the slightest disagreement with the Borg. Well I hope you're happy with yourself. I now loathe and despite gays because of you people. Your attempts to brainwash me have backfired badly. In fact I have even trained myself to no longer abuse this particular English word for "happy" by applying it to sodomites and sexual perverts, which is what the homosexuals actually are. Disgusting perverts who should live in the closet in shame.

    Look what the communists have done to me!