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Bonnie Crombie And Friends ‘Steal’ More Than $300,000 From Tax Payers

Bonnie Crombie is a criminal and a traitor

They Call It Expensing, We Call it Theft

Well Mississauga, you, the taxpayers were on the hook for just about $300,000 in non-salary expenses last year.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie spent more than three times the average amount of the rest of our councillors. Bonnie Crombie expensed $62,559 from January 1 to December 31 of 2015. We the people sent mayor Crombie to Brazil and Portugal for ‘working vacations’ and other fun conferences totaling $21,348.

Are you ready for more criminal activity? Bonnie Crombie has billed you and I $2,325 for several Rogers cell phones for her and others (we assume her family), followed by $732 for flowers and $5000 in office supplies.

Bonnie has spent more than half of the allotted budget for the position of city mayor, which is $104,100. The next over spender in line is ward 7 councillor Nando Iannicca whose expenses totaled $28,335. This accounted for roughly 65 per cent of his allotted annual budget of $32,300. Iannicca spent more than $10,000 attending the Global Health Conference and the International Conference on Engineering.

In total, your Mississauga city council, expensed a total of $285,072 in 2015. To put that number in perspective, if you are a single mother making $13.00 and working 40 hours per week, you will take home $23,816.00 after tax, meaning that it would take you a week short of 12 years to earn the amount of money that Bonnie Crombie and friends simply throw away in a year’s time.

Our City Council, to add insult to injury, spent $41,000 on entertainment and hospitality, including event tickets, business meetings, car shows and much more in the way of fun times for themselves and members of their families. The worst offender of spending tax dollars on fun times was Ward 10 councillor Sue McFadden, who spent and expensed $9,068.

Let’s say thank you to Ward 8 councillor Matt Mahoney, who only spent $2,000 on tickets to entertainment venues.

John Kovac has become accustomed to wasting tax dollars as he has spent more than double what Matt Mahoney spent, but note that he did not take his job as Ward 4 councillor until four months into the year. He was unavailable for comment on what he purchased for $16,817 from just April to December.

It is sad to realize to these expenses, which are little more than our council using the city bank account as a personal ATM card, with unlimited withdraws are above and beyond the $1.3 million we all spent to pay their salaries and THEIR BENEFITS.

Bonnie Crombie in 2015 brought in a whopping $139,374. Add her car allowance of $5,047 and an additional $4,308 expensed for a vehicle lease. Ward councillors earned $84,173, with a $17,304 car allowance.

Benefits paid out to the mayor and members of council totalled $251,207 for the year, which again at $13.00 per hour, would take you 10 and half years to earn after tax. Want to be even angrier? All of Mississauga’s city councillors also sit on the Region of Peel, they receive a supplementary salary of $55,000.

This reporter is the first one to tell you that we are not getting value for our money, and it’s about due time to get the long-serving Councillors out of office as it is all too clear that they know ALL the ways to live a life of luxury by walking on the backs of the bruised with spiked shoes.

Bonnie Crombie is a criminal and a traitor