Home Video Balm Beach Security Guard Meets Angry Citizens in Tiny Township

Balm Beach Security Guard Meets Angry Citizens in Tiny Township


You all didn’t believe me when I said that Tiny Township had bad people living there who hire security guards to menace and harass good people.

Now the people are fighting back, have a watch.

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  1. Who's that guy on the left? Finally Canadian men are still to show sign of balls! Fk! This battle was getting tired of it just being me. And Kevin you're a kind of alpha male.

  2. Sounds like hiring a company to harass anyone that wants to walk to the fucking beach! The kids actually just trying to make a living the best he can, give him a little break no reason him brow beat the shit out of him. Go after the head of the snake.

  3. Absolutely soooooooopahhhhh. Especially in view of the fact that I have already seen the episode interviewing the surveyor. This is really good Kevin. It's a shame Bonnie Crombie does not also own a property there. That would have been the icing on the cake.

  4. Regardless of what's legal, and how frustrated everyone is, Mr Jones on the left is still acting like a complete azzhole. He tells the kid to explain, then talks over the poor guy every chance he gets.

  5. These assholes think they have the right to say who can and can't use the beach. I live in Alberta, we get that here too as soon as someone buys a lot, they think they own the entire lake. Our summers are 2 very short months, everyone should be able to use beaches and lakes everywhere. How awful are these owners