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Balm Beach in Tiny Township A Quick Walk Down The Beach To See Illegal Signs


We are going to TOLIN ENTERPRISES’ summer home on Balm Beach so that you can see the illegal signs they post on the public beach.

Tony & Lina Gargaro
Tolin Enterprises.
40 Snidercroft Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2K1
Phone: (905) 669-2711

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  1. from what I remember 60 ft from the high water mark you do not own and it is owned by the Crown but I do not know for sure

    also if you were hunting and you have shot an animal and you are tracking that animal you have the legal right to trespass on somebody's property if I remember correctly if you're tracking that Animal I believe no permission is required but don't quote me

  2. On a beach in Alberta, we sort of have the same idiotic arrogance, my mom moved her chair up and onto the sea wall to get out of the sun, the owner quietly told her to get off, I thought my dad was going to kill him LOL!!! he grabbed the guys armrests of his chair, got into his face and asked him how old he was! It was a beautiful thing. He wasn't actually the owner, he was a guest of the owner, see, we owned cabins there too and know most residents. He never showed his face on the beach again. THAT"s how you handle this crap.

  3. What a bunch of pieces of shit those people are making enemy's from all over the place I can't wait till you sue the ass off them Kevin it's just too bad you won't be owning that house since they transferred it to their kids so they won't lose it when being sued