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Attacking North Korea: Good Idea or Bad Idea?


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  1. You said it yourself many years ago, TJ. Being one of your earlier subscribers, I remember…. "You cannot reason with evil." And that's true. Some men just want to watch the world burn, and/or be king of the ashes. The diplomatic approach is futile. Resort to the last resort. If people are going to die regardless, make it as few as possible.

  2. I like to always consider a non violent solution to every situation where possible, I truly do. And from what I understand, TJ is of a similar if not mostly identical perspective. Unfortunately we are dealing with moronic leaders with access to military power, including nuclear capability. It seems both of them would be responsible for such diplomacy, meaning it would be fruitless.

    You're probably right TJ, The US should stop threatening and boasting and just deal with the threat they pose. If they truly have nukes that are capable of directly attacking the US (really anywhere global as far as I understand) and they are actively threatening to use them, it can't be taken lightly. Anyone moronic enough to threaten others with nuclear weapons should both be considered moronic enough to actually use them, and worthy of being perceived as a very real threat.

    When it comes to threats of nuclear war, there's no time for a fair bout of Fisticuffs.

  3. Fuck you, man. Why'd your analogy of North Korea have to be a tiger? Tigers don't go looking for trouble. >;/

    It'd had made more sense if you said, "North Korea is a pack of wild, rabid, mangy dogs outside our gate, waiting to sink their jaws in to our flesh and the flesh of our pets."


  4. I think we HAVE to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea as soon as possible. We can't half ass it like we did in Vietnam we have to use everything on them. South Korean and American ground forces, quick strikes on their air bases, missile launch sites, factories, etc. Next we have to weed out the strongholds, I believe their military will collapse very quickly like the Iraqi Army did under Saddam Hussein and how they did when fighting ISIS in 2014. If anything, again like Iraq, we'll be fighting radical communist militants held up in strong points for most of the war but I dont imagine a large insurgency being born like in the Middle East. The key in invading North Korea is eliminating all possibilities for them to launch a nuclear warhead as soon as possible.

  5. This is bogus, North Korea are just going through what we did in the 80’s. We figured out how to build decent nukes then put them in the garden shed and went to build something else,

  6. There is one consistency I've noticed in the comment section of this video. Anyone that says TJ's plan is a "horrible" idea is themselves a complete moron. Rather than looking at the situation in a serious light and acknowledging that North Korea has had a vendetta against the USA for the longest time, they go on to bitch about how it's a horrible idea for the stupidest reason and then either offer some ridiculous solution like "assassinate Trump" or offer no solution at all. The rest didn't even watch the video in its entirety and are just spouting shit out of their asses.

  7. If we attack NK we need to make sure we're in the best possible position first. I don't think China would go to war, that's there disincentive. But we should give them an insensitive to not interfere in other ways. China would have a lot of NK refugees that they don't want so we'd have to agree to resettle them in South Korea.

    Second we would need to evacuate Soul. It has 20 million people and is kilometers away from the boarder. It doesn't matter how fast or unexpected we are Soul would be massacred. Then we can destroy the regime.

    Afterward we would need to occupy. This occupation would be different from the Middle East. The North Korean people view the peninsula as one nation divided by the US. So they don't have the same religious sectarian violence violence as the Middle East. Additionally we have NATO obligations to our allies to not just attack and leave. If we did the occupation right, like we did with Japan the pay off would be wonderful, I don't want to sacrifice American troops just to let the region destabilize, so occupation it is. And we can afford this, I'd also like to see resources that would have gone to the Middle East go to rebuilding Korea.

    It is time to be having the conversation, but if we do this we must understand he consequences and be as prepared as one can be, militarily, and politically.

  8. If China and Russia were smart, they should convince ole Kimy to keep up his shenanigans..
    When the US goes to war and spreads their forces thin and ruins their economy with another endless war, then China and Russia will have the perfect opportunity to Step on Snek and conquer the American Pig Dogs once and for all.

  9. I think it's a bad idea to do a preemptive strike, I mean people don't want another Iraq situation, we need public support. If North Korea attacks first then it will feel more justified to start a war, however, it will be costly.

  10. Why the fuck aren't you our president? I'm actually kind of indignant! We're scraping by with substandard, retarded, do nothing leaders while all you do is voice your opinion. Take some power and do some good, you fucking retarded genius!!!

  11. I would like to think that the north Korean population are in fact decent human beings who feel that they are genuinely oppressed and not blindly consumed by propaganda. If the US annihilates the NK military and leaves just civilians behind, it would be nice to know that any civilians would then immediately flee to south Korea to take refuge – rather than staying behind, pick up and Ak-47 and begin shooting at the US.

  12. They have ICBMs that have the range and the capacity to get as high as they need to but the main problem they have is the heat built up from re entering the earth atmosphere. Not a barrier that'll never be tackled mind.

  13. My fucking Gut feeling tells me that this Situation is MORE DANGEROUS then the fuckin Cuba n Missle crisis simply cause the 2 Leaders have a temper of 10 year olds that just lost all their money at Monopoly

  14. To everyone in the comment section who is saying it is a bad idea: You are right, it is a terrible idea but what else can we do? the all options that i see that we have are ONLY terrible ideas. So what can we do besides bomb them (with NON-NUCLEAR WEAPONS) to kingdom come. If there is a better option PLEASE let know because i don't see it.