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Arguments For God: The Cosmological Argument


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  1. There had to be a beginning to time because a timeless universe would violate the Second Law of thermodynamics. So the universe has not always existed. How can T.J. say that there was no cause that began the universe, or that the universe could have just started itself? That is hard for me to believe. Whatever did cause the universe to start couldn't have a cause because it would have to exist outside of time. It is easier for me to believe that this was the Christian God rather than any other cause because of the rest of the apologetic arguments for Christianity. The cosmological argument is absolutely necessary to prove the Christian God because it would be illogical to prove Christianity is true without first proving Theism. Please take into consideration the whole argument for Christianity rather than writing it off after only the first part of the argument.

  2. There is actually a hypothesis that states that since we know antimatter exists, and since we know that combined with matter both cancel each other, there might be some reverse process that could result into a powerful explosion of energy, which could retransform into matter. It is pretty far fetched, but I find it pretty interesting!

  3. The Second Law of Thermodynamics just says, in layman's terms, that a closed system will end up, in an infinite amount of time or less, with energy spread approximately evenly throughout: particles "running" free, if you use the whole universe. Leptons marrying quarks, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  4. energy can change into matter, matter can change into energy. since the big bang was an explosion of energy, it makes sense that it changed into matter. the law of space and time says that space cannot exist without time and time cannot exist without space. without matter there isnt space, so there was no time for god to create the universe, because before the big bang there wasnt space and matter, so time didnt exist before the big bang.

  5. Having to die to find paradise is a "convenient package" created by religions nobody can prove wrong. A brilliant concept actually. Being consumed with the afterlife instead of living the life we know we have is really sad…Fatih is based on location. Over 70% of Americans are christian. Over 90% of people born in Arab countries are Muslim. That's a fact. Just by chance we are born into a specific faith. People do convert, but most stick with what they were taught as children. I think it's pretty arrogant for any person of faith to think they are right and everyone else is doomed. Religion is in the "control business"…all religions can't be right, but all can be wrong.

  6. George Lemaitra RC Priest, astronomer and physicist, The father of the Big bang theory (no pun intended) made a great point when he admonished the Pope for making the claim that his theory did not provide proof for a God, Faith and science should be kept separate, Very true simply because due to faith the theist will always believe it was their God. The only way this could be resolved is for there to be only one religion and faith and that would be the ultimate definition of a Hell and North Korea as somewhere to go for a rest break.

  7. hey tj just remember it isnt illogical when a black hole has a massive light center in it maybe thats a party i can go to LOL but you "never will" meaning, thats actualy an actual they use in "africa" i just use what i see online to argue with you right? what do you think? im from floor id ugh. XD theirs a lot of stuff over in their apartments that i dont care to share about in person because i realy love staying with my family. eat it.

  8. @5:15 min: argument destroyed by: radioactive decay. atoms change into other materials and mass converts to energy without any predictability when it exaclty happens in one specific instance and without any known influence on this process that could change sth. about that happening or when thats why this is used for atomic clocks.