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ANTIFA UPDATE: Photographer KEVIN METCALF is at it Again, Being A Fascist


AntiFais a group that claims to be anti-fascist. They use tactics such as threats, physical assault, the blowing of horns and the throwing of eggs along with spray painting profanity on public property as a way to shut down free speech. They behave exactly as Adolf Hitler’s Brown Shirts did back when the Nazi party came to power.

This group is a fan of Adolf Hitler yet they claim publicly to be against everything that Adolf Hitler stood for. All this group does is hurt people and waste a lot of people’s time and energy in cleaning up graffiti and rotten food that they leave all over our fine Nation.

Please meet Kevin Metcalf who is a strong proponent of Communism in Canada and a supporter of the use of violence against everybody he disagrees with. Here is a little bit of information about Kevin Metcalf, AntiFa photographer.

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kevin metcalf of ANTIFA and Anti Fascist and domestic terrorists in canada with walied khogali of BLM and black lives matter. Kevin J Johnston is mississauga mayor and bonnie crombie for prison.


  1. I think people are confused with why we wan't certain cultures out, They think we're racist, BUT AL WE WANT TO DO IS PROTECT OUR HOME LAND AND REAL PEACEFUL MUSLIMS…. why can't they fucking think properly?

  2. It's interesting that Johnston keeps throwing out the word "criminal" and "terrorist" without saying what crime he's actually accusing Metcalf of. If photographing people without their consent is a crime (it's not), then Johnston is guilty of it too. Falsely accusing someone of a crime is criminal defamation by definition. Johnston should be careful what he says.

  3. Bantifa are a bunch of either jobless bums that are becoming protestors for used kiddie undies and bologna sandwiches ,or they are weak minded rich entitled students following there liberal scum bag teachers that are having a mid life crisis ,both types of these bantifa cum gobblers have one thing in common is that they both have some type of mental problem,bipolar , schizophrenia or some type of paranoid delusional tendencies,people who are easy to manipulate and base there ideologies on hear say , wikipedia,cnn or there imaginary friend bert.