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Andrew Scheer Will Do What The United Nations Tells Him And Leave Canadians To Die


Mark Friesen PPC – Sep 8 at 2:38 PM
Time for some reality therapy.

The establishment parties have all committed to the UN narrative that CO2 is creating climate change. The pseudo science used to promote that agenda has been thoroughly debunked by thousands of scientists. That hysteria tactic is being used to extract as much money from western nations to fund the overall Sustainable Development Agenda. The UN admits that in their own documentation. When leaders of our country commit to lowering emissions through carbon tax or carbon pricing and the UN agenda, do you really think they will support our energy industry, specifically Oil & Gas? Do you really think they will build pipelines to tidewater while simultaneously condemning CO2 emissions? While simultaneously destroying the international market for our energy by capitulating to the UN and it’s agenda of emissions reductions and global redistribution of wealth?

This clip clearly shows two things. Scheer has fully bought into the narrative of CO2 emissions creating climate change by stating “getting CO2 out of the atmosphere” and he is fully on board with committing Canada to the overall UN Agenda.

So, it’s one thing if you support Scheer and the CPC because you believe in the UN agenda that CO2 is creating climate change. We can have that debate.
But if you don’t believe in the UN Agenda, globalism, global governance, and the idea of global redistribution of wealth or a Carbon Tax or Cap &Trade, but you believe in supporting our energy industry, reducing taxes, reducing energy costs, building pipelines so we can get our resources to tidewater, then please stand true to your values and support a party that will retain our sovereignty, denounce the UN and it’s socialist agenda, support our resource industry, and make our country boom with prosperity!

The People’s Party of Canada

Kevin J. Johnston – FreedomReport.ca

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