Home Video An Interview With A Former Muslim And True Canadian Patriot.

An Interview With A Former Muslim And True Canadian Patriot.


You are all ignorant of the dangers of Islam. It is ugly and this former Muslim and Canadian Patriot will tell you some of what you need to know about Islam.

Canada, we are under attack and we NEED TO FIGHT BACK NOW!

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  1. Canadians must make sure the numbers DO NOT get bigger then they are now. Look at France and the UK and Sweden. Look at the percentage of muslims in those countries and they level of trouble they are having. Wake up People

  2. thank you Alex you sir are a great Canadian I share what you think I am also an immigrant I am so thankful for being here thank you Thomas j Johnston for being a true Warrior I will be joining you hopefully soon I am a Latino Canadian this is my country love to all my Canadian brothers and sisters amen.

  3. Ok, this guy is wrong about the Mosques in Japan. There are two! One is in Tokyo, one is in Kobe. There are about 100,000 MudSlimes living in Japan. I believe that most of them are concentrated in Hachjio (spelling) city, northwest of Tokyo. About an hour. There is a Mosque in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea. I have walked on the hill where the Mosque is located a number of times. As a Western white woman, I have received the kind of look from the MudSlimes that will shake you to your soul. There are MudSlimes living in South Korea! Make no mistake – they will go anywhere, anytime, and inflict themselves on the population, quietly at first, and then when their numbers have increased sufficiently, they will inveigle themselves into the political arena.

  4. I'd love this guy to debate our a-hole m.p.'s who suck up the butts of these so-called refugees etc. and have them defend the facts that he knows and they can't deny.

  5. I did some research on the temple that was destroyed in Israel. Muslims claim that they built it on the border and destroyed cause the Jewish people said they built it. If Muslims claimed to have built the temple then why in the hell would they destroy it? I guess it tells me that Muslims never built it and it was the Jewish people who built it.

  6. Truth spoken from a former Muslim. I have great respect for apostates. It takes a lot of courage to leave Islam, These are the kind of Muslims we want in the west , ones that integrate or leave Islam alltogether and don't have hatred in their hearts. Great interview Kevin.

  7. Please interview this guy again! He needs a platform to educate Canadians. Media should give people like this a platform not Muslim apologetic like anti Semitic and Pro Sharia Linda Sarsour

  8. what a liar! he is clearly a white guy from north america! stop ur bs saying he is a former muslim and he is from middle east!
    but i guess now u have a raciat liar uneducated friend like u kevin:)
    soooon M103 will be a law and ur ass will be in jail for yearss:)😀😀😀😀😀😀😀