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American Violence


President Obama would have you believe that guns are responsible for America’s high (for an industrialized country) murder rate. But there may be a very different culprit.

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  1. lol an athiest/skeptic, but will parrot the MSM about the "gun show loophole". research the other side of the argument a little, not everyone is a redneck christian just because they own guns.. either way, THIS should be your only video on the subject. your other ones were retarded.

  2. Hey, I know I'm a little late to comment, but I do have some insight. Firstly though I would like to say I am a devout Christian, but that being said I enjoy constructive debates and I respect your right to believe what you want to believe and I will respect you fully while I do disagree with you on some topic. As for the subject matter in this video I completely agree with all your point except one – the gun show loop hole. It doesn't exist, its a undeniable fallacy. All vendors who sell at gun shows, even the ones held in back water illiterate town, still go through the national criminal data base before any sale.

  3. 1:07 – Those are Spaniards, not Americans. Americans did massacre the natives but these are fucking Spaniards you idiot!! They did this shit before Plymouth or even Jamestown were even founded. The people whose descendants would one day become Americans did not even exist at this time!! But you are lumping the actions of the conquistadors with that of the Americans??Are you that misinformed about the past?? Do you not get that Spain and USA are two different countries and that the Spanish Empire was at it's height before the founding of America?

    The worst part is, you could have chosen so many other references that ACTUALLY included Americans massacring Natives but apparently you were to stupid, lazy or both, to so. I would not be so hard on you if your videos were not a bunch of irritating rants about how smart you think you are and how stupid you think everyone else is.

    You get a dislike for being ignorant mah fucka!!

  4. If less guns were manufactured in America, there would be less guns in America. So it WOULD solve America's gun problem by the simple math implied. It would not necessarily solve America's crime problem however.

  5. I dont want people to own killing devices just like like that.
    For what purpose? If i was an Unitedstatesian i would live in fear of pissing off the wrong guy and get shot.
    Guns are made to kill, and thus should be illegal.

  6. The freedom to see a doctor if you need to? No, TJ. That means you believe that you have the right to other peoples money and services. That's not freedom, that's authoritarianism, because it means that you don't have the right to your own money. If someone doesn't want to pay the taxes that are levied to pay for single-payer, then they're put in prison, and their money is forcefully taken. If they refuse to submit themselves to arrest, then the government uses force until they comply or are executed. That's not freedom, TJ. People should have to purchase their own healthcare, or rely on private charity. That's freedom.