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A Tribe Called Red Don’t Like White!


It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly people can tarnish what little reputation that they have built. “A Tribe Called Red” is a Canadian electronica band who has managed to find a modicum of success online.


Why is it that these people who really should stick to making music are now deciding to attack me on Twitter and then trying to convince me that Twitter insults back and forth are a legitimate form of debate?

I have been requesting that the man who is pestering me and has been for 5 months now give me a phone call so that we can work our differences out. He has no interest in working out our differences, he is only interested in calling me a hypocrite and accusing me of hating my own country.

I can’t imagine how this benefits his music sales in any way. Well here is my commentary on their foolishness and I am hoping that they stop behaving themselves in a fashion that is unbecoming even by the lowest standards available.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. These natives- correction one has – have fallen for the trap & are on their way to being traitors of Canada.
    Trudeau is using them as pawns in a nasty globalization game of divide & conquer. [Islam threatening Whites & others, toss in special groups & voila! HATE spews forth.]
    We can't change what has been done to their ancestors, but we can make sure they are taken care of when Justin Trudeau is removed from Parliament & jailed for treason.
    Identity Politics is Poison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOS0dgu-a1M

  2. I don't understand why would you expect maggots to converse with you? Stop challenging animals to the table or to the ring. Many people were born with defects in their brain cells and you can't change it. Sitting around the table with defects is not an option . Clandestine hunting is the solution.