Home Video A Legal Protest About Islamic Indoctrination Gets Interrupted By Angry Muslim Student

A Legal Protest About Islamic Indoctrination Gets Interrupted By Angry Muslim Student


Muslims know how to yell. Muslims know how to be offended. Muslims know how to play the victim. Muslims know how to use violence to quell an argument. Muslims know how to scream the word “racist.”

They have NO IDEA how to debate….NONE. Here we go again…

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  1. A lot of Muslims either have not read the Qu'ran and have been brainwashed to think that Islam is peaceful , loving , and Muhammad was a moral man, or they have read the Qu'ran and are in denial. These facts about Muhammad are irrefutable facts. They are in the Qu'ran you can't deny them. If they cannot defend Islam and don't have an arguement, then they have no right to stop anyone from protesting their concerns about Islam being
    the only religion taught in our schools that we pay taxes for and all other religions are excluded. This is religious discrimination. Either all religions are taught or none. Better yet religion has no place in schools. It can be taught at home or in a place of worship. They cannot indoctrinate non muslim children without parental consent, to participate and submit to Islamic prayer.There should have been thousands of parents protesting against the Islamization of our schools and country not only a few. I don't know what they are waiting for? If there is no resistance they will continue pushing Islam and the NWO agenda and bring a few more million Muslims to Canada. Soon we will be the minority and we will all have to submit to Sharia Law.

  2. We need to organize anti-sharia protests right in the heart of Toronto
    I'm talking full anti-antifa prep, the biggest loudest fucking speakers we can find
    A freaking parade float if that's what it takes
    We need to MAKE A STATEMENT that even the globalists in Brussels will hear.
    I want them shaking in their fucking suede shoes that Toronto is not going to capitulate.

  3. Muslims don't assimilate they demand, and if you give them an inch they'll take a mile. I'll admit it's a hell whole where there from, but I DON'T want that to then be pushed upon us.

  4. ISLAM WAS THE ORIGINAL NAZI DOCTRINE. Muhammed was just cunning enough to trojan horse it with a God and so it is allowed to undermine societies. Remember 50 countries down and six Islamic insurgencies in other religious countries today.

  5. I think you should get off YouTube and make a use out of your age. You can't pay off the tools you rented for this so called "freedom reporter" shit going on. How about you stop attacking teenagers and face grown humans. Pusssssssssy. I don't think you get out of your basement.. maybe because your too busy trying to get yourself an education.. that's why your disturbing young children. There's something called adult school. For your next video Dumbass I want to see you face an adult.. maybe your age ?

  6. Those 2 little turds were coming out to a start trouble and those fucking ugly liberal ass whole teachers came out and coddled them and took them back inside to a safe space. White liberal woman have to much power in this country and they will get a lot of people killed, why don't they see what these Muslims are like, even the ex Muslims are saying their here to Fuck shit up. I'm woke and have been for yrs people better wake up soon or the raping, killings, bombings are going to get real bad quick they are nothing but trouble every country they enter. Just take a good look at what's going on in Europe what makes people think it's not going to happen here.

  7. Ok, let me just say this from an Earthling point of view. Although, one does have the right to protest against any religion in this land of freedom, but that does not make an unreasonable protest a reasonable protests; most importantly, the fact that people would actually rise against Muslims within the Canadian boarder in a local community where many Muslims have resided peacefully for decades among others reveals a problem of Ignorance and possible Racism. Islam like every other religions on the planet does indeed have a portion of extremists, but none of that changes the true nature of the religion, of the roots of Islam and what it intend to impart. What I see here is a group of self righteous crowed in their insignificant power unable to seize the real problem of extremist, rather, turn their attention to the people of good will, Muslims that truly live up to their religious conducts. The logic demonstrated here is no different from saying that the worst inmates in a nation should represent the quality of the people of that nation.