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2017 Personality 14: Introduction to Traits/Psychometrics/The Big 5


In this lecture, I begin discussing the development of modern trait theory. Psychologists, expert in measurement and statistics, discovered extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience, and began the process of delineating their social significance and biological underpinnings..

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  1. hmm, the thing he says about an "old child" is extremely intriguing. I'm going to have to see if he's done any lectures on that issue. I think he may have hit upon one of the main roots of the problems in post WWII society.

  2. There is more than just the *5*. Here is the real list of archetypes with their traits.

    The Over-Arching Extroverted Leader
    The Curious Cosmic Wanderer
    The Natural Parasitic Trickster
    The Conscientious Creative Worker
    The Apathetic Destructive Executioner
    The Open Ascending Whore
    The Neurotic Descending Sacrifice
    The Inexplicably Agreeable Naive Innocent

  3. Hello. I am really grateful for your videos. It has transformed the way I think and really gave me self trust and confidence to take stand of the things I believe, things I decided I will believe after wrestling with it on a philosophical and more fundamental level.

    I am a petroleum engineering graduate but I have been reading philosophy and psychology since I was high school. I am really fascinated by the human capacity to think and feel. I really wanted to pursue it as career back then but I was young, stupid, and naive to make any informed decision by myself so I listen to the counsel of my parents. any game is better than no game. I am really thankful that your work has given me the platform to nurture myself in an intellectual and personal way. I pray for all the blessings that you need and all the best. Your work is creating multitudes, and it is generational. The way I interact with the people around me has been greatly affected. Thank you again. You will always be one of the greatest people I will remember.

  4. I like this breakdown of personality. I think Peterson fears loss of societal structure ie return to *ism, that's why he's understandably against things like sjw, Islamophobia laws. People, usually conservatives, are latching on to his ideas in this area (free speech, immigration) without understanding the motivation or bigger picture that he worries about. But Peterson mistakenly equates morality to religion, assuming we would all kill each other without having the fear of going to hell. There are a lot of historical reasons that humans agreed to work with each other for mutual benefit.

  5. 45:47 graduate students, Conscientiousness and structured positions. Law, administrative. Bureaucracy Chock full of conscientious with a few psychopaths thrown in. Personality traits and success at differing positions. How to match to predict

  6. Bare bones psychometrics, basic 5 5 dimensions. Trait as a sub personality. Pattern of covariation on tests of 100, rated 1-7, for example. Infers underlying structure. One question answered three ways that relate to each other. Finding the one factor. Random sets from a library of abstraction problem solving. .

  7. Dr Peterson, or anybody else for that matter, can you recommend a Big 5 personality test to complete? Is there an official, scientific version? Thank you.

  8. I think that civilization has been aware that there are multiple "people" alive in our heads for a very, very long time. It seems to me that this idea is embedded not just in common tropes, but in countless idioms. I wonder what a society would be like if it dispensed with first- and second-person singular from their language.

    On an unrelated note, I wonder if people actually expand their domain of competence, or simply regress to the mean.

  9. Personality and Attitude, using the Big Five personality factors, describe your perception of a close family member (brother, sister, aunt, uncle etc.) and a person for whom you have worked, or your past classmates

  10. I'm a typical introvert and I like one-on-one interaction (preferably meaningful:-) and I avoid group interactions precisely because they drain me and I don't enjoy them. I always though that something is wrong with me in that regard (social anxiety, etc) UNTIL I heard this lecture. Thank you Dr Peterson.

  11. As a creative person I feel what he's saying, I study game design because 3D art is a field with alot of opportunity, but I'm really passionate about furries which is a niche community. A regular job causes me anxiety but I do it because I have to make money.

  12. I would be interested in what he considers "wasting time" to be. What amount of time should be spent on entertainment? Is there an ideal amount? I am increasingly worried about manking sure I use my time wisely.