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2015 Personality Lecture 16 Conscientiousness I – Industriousness & Disgust


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  1. Conservative people in my view are masters of self-hypnosis / external illusion.
    They swallow their beliefs like a faith. They can do no wrong and are never wrong.
    Their motto is even "when we're wrong we're right. sort of…"
    They fundamentally have a negative view of the human condition. You can't trust anyone.
    Except like-minded folk.
    There primary principle is materialism matters. (Hierarchy) Dependency on material gain is the prime motivational factor they believe is what drives every man woman and child on this planet. (Industriousness) Its close but no cigar.  The cracks are beginning to show. Here in the UK and the current massive violent instability that seems to plaguing the world at present, whether it be motivated by religion, or adverse exploited socio-economic conditions.
    They may not show outwardly signs of neuroticism however historical pathological behavioural traits always emerge under scrutiny. ( child peado rings (Catholic church),  Ponzi schemes, corrupt Investment Banking, Water-boarding, Arms trading the list is endless..) That is if they have not sufficiently covered there tracks hiding behind a plethora of secretive laws, traditions and unspoken codes of conduct that they all naturally adhere to. 
    Conservative people are driven in my view by one huge overriding pathology that basically must never be entertained for one instant, it drives them on (industriousness) obsessively and accounts for they apparent "Material" success and that is "What if … I'm wrong "? 
    But there’s a huge price to pay for this. 3/4 of the world living in abject poverty, while we in the west struggle with our ballooning waistlines. (cliché maybe).
    I'm not judging here no doubt it delivers. To some degree. To a tiny few.
    I think.
    Liberal people are more openly neurotic because we are open to the fact we are probably wrong.  Its all wrong and everyone’s faking it.  Liberal people believe that mankind is fundamentally good but weak.  Which up until now has been deemed unpragmatic in the 'real world’ however the digital revolution has turned things on their heads.  We all await the final verdict.
    Keep up the good work Prof !  I need to sort my disgust mechanism out its messed up I love a loser !!!

  2. wishing i had an image for this hierarchy from good person to motor skills. I am guessing its sort of like Maslow's hierarchy but it cant be exactly that right? 

    am not enrolled in the class, just an autodidact that is very interested in this material. I ordered the book maps of meaning(i know different course) also tried searching google images i just cant find it and its bugging me just a little. can anyone direct me to a resource for this image. Is there an official name for the pyramid? Is its prof. Peterson's work? If not a citation could be very helpful too.

  3. I have a couple of questions. If the root of orderliness is disgust, could the root of industriousness not be willpower? And secondly (unrelated), they seem almost opposite but as the personality traits are mutually exclusive, what would a person high in openness and also high in conscientiousness be like?

  4. I'm pretty confused I'm very open sexually, I worked as an escort for a couple of years,I'm very low on conscientiousness very disorganised,not terribly hygienic I'm pretty understanding of people's weaknesses and flaws,I've dated bisexual guys although I'm a straight female ,I studied fashion and am very creative,but I love tradition and am pretty patriotic and am anti immigration,support the military and have been accused of being right wing but then I live in East London which is centre of leftist liberal mentality ,I am definitely an odd one out in this area and it frustrates me living in such an extremist lefty area where there is high anti government sentiment and the words fascist and anarchy are pretty common, spoken by middle class university educated arty types feel like I have a dirty secret that I don't think like them.
    I get confused what I am since I've moved here I always thought I was a liberal but I'm definitely not

  5. As I am watching the trends like SJW it seems there is not a big difference among left or right authoritarianism. The left also try to force some kind of "tradition" with the difference that it is not rooted in the past (more like in a ever malleable narrative) but just as good tool for "instrumental ruling" to get a hop on top of the dominance hierarchy.

  6. That's wrong. Personality disorders can be discusssed without moralizing pejoratives. What is the utility of murderous pedophilia to the individual and to the group, and how does their big 5 relate to it? If Hitler was high on agreeableness….

  7. Furthermore, how is it that adults get stressed and skin response and all that by failed expectations, or having to readjust and notice things again, and children who are seeing the world for the first time and exploring it? Do children get stressed to violated expectations as well when they're 3 year old and learning the world?

  8. Is the distribution of high status and low status people in the social hierarchy pretty well stable across time and cultures? is it always a pyramid-like shape? what purpose do the people at the bottom serve to the people at the top and vice versa?

  9. 30:00 It sounds like your talking about part of Aristotles virtues of the mean. Certain vices are comparable due to a deficiency or excess of a virtue that is between both. Courage is between cowardice and rashness. In your case, proper proximity is between openness and contientiousness.

  10. Jordan, how about you investigate industriousness with an experiment that measures abstracted HUNGER. Imagine you REALLY want some thing, like you're really hungry for it, like huuuuunnngry for it. Wouldn't that motivate a person so strongly that they defy their pain, the discomfort of going out of their comfort zone and do today what others won't do, so that tomorrow they CAN do and enjoy what others can't? Just a thought.